Redesign Fixes

We know that some features aren’t yet working correctly in the new Wesabe redesign. People have asked for a list of the problems we’re tackling. Here’s that list. I’ll add “in progress” next to things the developers are currently handling, and cross off ones that are done.

Bugs and errors

  • [fixed] Font colors are hard to read
  • [fixed] Auto tagging isn’t working correctly
  • [fixed] Splits are being made into auto tags, and shouldn’t be
  • [fixed] Firefox Uploader isn’t logging in
  • [fixed] Login link in Firefox Uploader goes to the wrong place
  • [fixed] QIF uploads aren’t working
  • [fixed] Delete a transaction only works in some cases
  • [fixed] IE 7 and 8 have layout/other issues
  • [fixed] Adding or editing a transaction causes the whole transaction list to reload
  • [fixed] Deleting credentials isn’t working correctly
  • [fixed] User profile view isn’t styled correctly
  • [fixed] Chrome has minor issues
  • [fixed] Spending Targets aren’t showing up correctly in some cases
  • [fixed] Added tags aren’t showing up in tag list/cloud right away
  • [fixed] Auto uploader activity spinner isn’t correct
  • [can’t reproduce] Can’t add a cash transaction dated yesterday
  • [fixed] Cash account running balances are off
  • [fixed] Cash transactions submitted through mobile page don’t have the vendor populated, only the amount
  • [fixed] Transaction edit button should be persistent for unedited transactions
  • [fixed] API clients that seem to be unsupported browsers (e.g. older .Net) are getting redirects
  • [fixed] Edit link is too small for unedited transactions
  • [fixed] The Accounts selection widget sometimes gets out of sync with the transaction list contents
  • [fixed] Automatic tags are sometimes defined correctly but not applied for a transaction
  • [fixed] Account balances get out of sync when transactions are added/edited
  • [fixed] Check numbers aren’t appearing in some check transactions.
  • [fixed] Suggested tags aren’t appearing for new transactions.
  • Tag normalization doesn’t work with tag selection list.
  • Tag order isn’t preserved in saved transactions.
  • [fixed] Transaction amounts no longer show splits on list-by-tag pages.
  • [fixed] “Create a Group” button is missing.
  • [fixed] Problems with QIF uploads.
  • [fixed] “Start a discussion” button is too hard to find.
  • [fixed] Possible problems with multi-word tags (maybe related to splits)

Most-requested feature returns

  • [added] Last-updated date in account list
  • [added] Pie charts
  • [added] Spending/earnings summary (or replacement)
  • [added] Unedited/untagged view for transactions
  • [added] Transaction search
  • [added] Groups search
  • [added] Export by tag/page
  • Manage uploads
  • [added] Date ranges for transaction lists
  • [added] Identify source account for transaction in transaction lists
  • [added] Reorder/hide graphs on Dashboard
  • [in progress] Filter tags from graphs
  • [added] Replace or delete tags across all transactions
  • [added] See totals and/or averages by tag
  • [added] Graphs by tag
  • Link to most recent comment in discussions
  • API documentation
  • Emailed transactions (from Wesabe Labs) aren’t working
  • Pending transactions (from Wesabe Labs) aren’t working

Requested additions to the new design

  • A way to control grouping of accounts
  • Keyboard navigation of transaction edits

If you have additions for this list, please post them here. This list may be out of date; check @WesabeUpdates for the most updated fixes.

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