Wesabe is shutting down TODAY


Reminder: Wesabe’s Accounts tab and all related personal finance tools will be SHUT DOWN PERMANENTLY at 10:00pm Pacific TODAY.

(Wesabe Groups will remain online indefinitely, although there will be up to a few hours of downtime for Groups as we decommission other systems.)

You can download all of your Wesabe data from the snapshot page, until 10:00pm Pacific tonight. After that, all customer data and all stored credentials will be destroyed.

We have open-sourced many parts of the Wesabe system (under the Apache 2.0 License), now available on GitHub. Start here if you want to set up your own copy of Wesabe (warning: not for the faint of heart). More information about Open Wesabe is in this Groups thread. If you download a snapshot (above), Open Wesabe will import it, so you can keep using and updating your data.

Many other companies have done work to help Wesabe users transition to their services. Here are some links for those of you looking for a new service (we are not endorsing any of these, just making the information available):

Finally, one of Wesabe’s advisors, Trent Hamm, posted a note on his blog for people looking for alternatives to Wesabe. He echoes many of the values we have held for Wesabe in his recommendations:

Thanks for using Wesabe.

Marc Hedlund
CEO, Wesabe

3 Responses to “Wesabe is shutting down TODAY”

  1. Farewell Says:


    Thanks for being a pioneer in personal finance software. Wesabe offered what others only dreamed while always putting user privacy first and respecting that the data belongs to the user first and far most! And then making Wesabe open source, wow.

  2. Imran Ali Says:

    Hey Marc, good luck with your next venture. Sad to hear of Wesabe’s demise – it was a great idea…I’m sad I wasn’t able to use it fully with my UK bank 😦

  3. Jagath Narayan Says:

    Sad to see you guys go. I started using Wesabe from the very early days. It was a fun software to play with. I also applaud your decision to open source some of the Wesabe code. Great spirit!

    Good luck with your next venture.

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