File your taxes with your iPhone?


I hadn’t heard about this — Intuit has released an iPhone app (awkwardly) named TurboTax SnapTax that lets you take a picture of your W-2 and file your taxes right from your phone, if you would file with a 1040EZ. Impressive.

SnapTaxThis app isn’t going to work if you have dependents (as one reviewer notes) or if you have anything but the simplest tax filing to do. I also can’t imagine you’re getting optimal tax advice for all situations from such a simple process. But, whatever! If you have a simple tax situation and especially if you might otherwise file late, you’re better off getting your taxes done as easily as possible.

USAA‘s iPhone app has a similar function to deposit checks with the iPhone camera, and I use it all the time. Such a great convenience over having to hook up the scanner. Compared with going to an accountant, SnapTax would probably be even more convenient.

I haven’t tried the app (my tax situation isn’t simple enough for it), but speaking as a direct competitor of Intuit, I’m impressed with this idea and would love to hear feedback from people who have tried it.

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