Happy Birthday, Wesabe!


Three years ago today, November 17th, 2006, we launched the Wesabe site to the public for the first time. We were the first of what has become a wide and varied field of online personal finance applications. Our site has changed a ton since our launch, too, as we’ve learned from our users and the market.

I was asked the other day whether I thought that online personal finance applications are now a “defined” market — that is, have the borders of the space been set and is all that is left figuring out who can get the most users. “Uh, no” was all I could think to say. Are consumers’ financial lives somehow solved? Is it somehow the case that people worry substantially less about money now than they did? Has our much-publicized space solved money in the way Google solved search or Amazon solved books?

No, we haven’t. Neither Wesabe nor anyone else has made the personal finance app that we set out to build: one that makes people’s financial lives so easy that they no longer list money as their number one stress in life. There’s still so much more to do.

Wesabe has spent the last six months solidifying and perfecting the core part of our app, and we’re happy with the results. We think we have a great app and a great basis for building more. But don’t think our fourth or fifth birthday will look like our third. We know all Wesabeans, and consumers everywhere, need far more, and we can’t wait to show you what the next year will bring.

Thanks to everyone who has supported Wesabe for the past three years. The messages you post in Groups and on Twitter and send to our support line every day, telling us how Wesabe has helped you and made your lives better, are what bring us to work every day. They are more reward than any other we could ask for. Thank you.

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  1. Scott Reeves Says:

    Congrats, and keep up the great work! I’m not exaggerating when I say that Wesabe has changed my life.

  2. Younes Says:

    Hi, happy birthday Wesabe ! Keep up the great work, i’m not exagerating neither when i say that wesabe has changed my life … Thank You !

  3. Rob Wilkerson Says:

    Congratulations, guys. You’ve built a terrific app that still has a lot of room to grow (I’d love to see you all get into the online bill pay business, for one). Through it all, you’ve remained every bit as responsive and accountable as you were at the beginning. I think I’ll stick around for a very long time as long as those trends continue.

    Awesome job and much continued success.

  4. Thomas Kenny Says:

    I work with the German Government’s Office of Economic Development for the Greater Frankfurt Region. I wanted to contact the company to discuss how we may support any initiatives, even longer term, that you may have regarding establishing a presence in Germany. I couldn’t find a working phone number for you, so here I am. I look forward to hearing back from you.

    Thomas Kenny

  5. Gabrielle Says:

    Congratulations on three! I remember when Wesabe was an idea we talked over (and over and over). You have stayed the course, working to bring solutions, not shenanigans, to the Wesabeans.
    Congrats to all of the Wesabeans who are finding ways to be smarter with their money. Continued success to all of you!
    – Mrs Wesabe

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