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November 23, 2009

Today, Wesabe launched a new product line for banks and credit unions: Earlier this year, we started offering Wesabe tools to banks and credit unions, but this new product site allows financial institutions to get pricing, sign up, deploy, and configure their Wesabe Springboard site, all through the web. Instead of the traditional banking software sales process — where it can take months and tens of thousands of dollars just to get new software launched — puts leading personal finance management (PFM) software into financial institution customers’ hands in minutes. home pageSince Wesabe had its start as a consumer-based site, and since we have led the development of the online PFM space from that vantage, we know full well how tiring and time-consuming the enterprise banking software sales model can be. We wanted to give our bank and credit union customers all of the advantages we offer our consumer-site users, from easy setup and sign-in to full customization. The site lets us do that. We’ve learned from our friends at and other online application companies, and we think their model is better. We wanted that for our customers, too.

We’ve had a great response to Wesabe Springboard, and a great set of feedback to the development. As one credit union executive put it, “We all grew up on the web, and we want to see our options and place our orders on the web for everything!” Bringing that model to banking software confronts some peoples’ expectations, but we believe, as that executive says, that everyone prefers ease and convenience. Even bankers!

To introduce this new site, we’re offering introductory pricing for this year only. Sign up for any plan at before December 31, 2009, and we’ll give it to you for the price of the next lower-priced plan for as long as you keep that plan.

For instance, if you sign up for the Gold plan (normally $1799/month), we’ll give it to you for the price of the Standard plan (normally $999/month) indefinitely. You’ll save $800 a month for the life of your Springboard site.

Note: if you decide to upgrade to a different plan later, you’ll lose your price break, so be sure to sign up for the level you think you’ll want to keep.

We think this is a great deal and a fantastic incentive to sign up today. We hope you’ll check out and let us know what you think. Hopefully your institution will soon offer Wesabe tools, so you have the best interface available straight from your bank or credit union.

Happy Birthday, Wesabe!

November 18, 2009

Three years ago today, November 17th, 2006, we launched the Wesabe site to the public for the first time. We were the first of what has become a wide and varied field of online personal finance applications. Our site has changed a ton since our launch, too, as we’ve learned from our users and the market.

I was asked the other day whether I thought that online personal finance applications are now a “defined” market — that is, have the borders of the space been set and is all that is left figuring out who can get the most users. “Uh, no” was all I could think to say. Are consumers’ financial lives somehow solved? Is it somehow the case that people worry substantially less about money now than they did? Has our much-publicized space solved money in the way Google solved search or Amazon solved books?

No, we haven’t. Neither Wesabe nor anyone else has made the personal finance app that we set out to build: one that makes people’s financial lives so easy that they no longer list money as their number one stress in life. There’s still so much more to do.

Wesabe has spent the last six months solidifying and perfecting the core part of our app, and we’re happy with the results. We think we have a great app and a great basis for building more. But don’t think our fourth or fifth birthday will look like our third. We know all Wesabeans, and consumers everywhere, need far more, and we can’t wait to show you what the next year will bring.

Thanks to everyone who has supported Wesabe for the past three years. The messages you post in Groups and on Twitter and send to our support line every day, telling us how Wesabe has helped you and made your lives better, are what bring us to work every day. They are more reward than any other we could ask for. Thank you.