Money-Saving Tips Galore in WiseBread's New Book


Congratulations to our friends at WiseBread on the launch of their new book, “10,001 Ways To Live Large On a Small Budget.”  The book is authored by a talented group of WiseBread writers (including Wesabe advisors JD Roth of Get Rich Slowly and Trent Hamm of The Simple Dollar) who believe: “the key to financial wellness isn’t a ramen-eating, vacation-skipping, fun-depriving life. Far from it. The best way to ensure that readers will stick to a budget, especially in tough economic times, is to help them create a lifestyle that is as much fun as it is practical.”

Wesabe gets a nice shout-out in the book as one of the best money tools (thanks, WiseBread!).  Read more about the book here or head on over to Amazon to place an order.

2 Responses to “Money-Saving Tips Galore in WiseBread's New Book”

  1. WongaWoman Says:

    I saw WiseBread promoting their book on Twitter this week, but with so many tweets, I started to ignore them. Your write-up has piqued my interest – great post. I want to live large on a little budget and still have fun!

  2. Phil @ Better Online Banking Says:

    Hi Marc

    Unrelated to this post, but I set up the domain for the Nationwide / Wesabe campaign. Get in touch on this email if you’d be interested in talking – we could do a blog post about why the OFX service is so important for Wesabe and the future of these services.


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