Community Wisdom in Wesabepedia


If there’s anything to be said of Wesabeans, it’s that they’re vocal. This is great since they ask questions, let us know what they want, and write their own documentation. What? Really? Incredible!

Often we can’t (or don’t) write fast enough for the official documentation to cover everyone’s questions and needs. Enter Wesabepedia — user created and maintained documentation. Not only is it user created and maintained, it wasn’t even our idea — Wesabe users dreamt it up and put it together for the benefit of the community.

Our new user manual should answer most questions about how we envision people using Wesabe, but Wesabepedia lets Wesabeans share “how to” notes on using the site in ways we never imagined — many of them far better than what we had planned. It’s for the users, by the users, on the topics the users want, and we couldn’t be happier.

In appreciation for Wesabepedia and the people behind it, we’ve started linking to it in our “Community Resources” section under help. Explore and enjoy!

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