A new day for Wesabe documentation


Often a Wesabean writes Wesabe support saying, “I couldn’t find this in the help, I hope I’m doing the right thing writing in here”. Sometimes the Wesabean is a bit more direct, saying, “So, this should be in the FAQ, but I couldn’t find it”. The answer to both of those (up until now) has been a sad, “Yes, you’re right, our documentation has gaps bigger than the Grand Canyon. Don’t feel bad — it’s not you, it’s us”.

No longer! Paul and I have written, compiled, edited, organized, and perfected Wesabe’s official documentation. Ok, strike that last one, I just found a typo. As I was saying, it’s quite good and should have an answer or some advice for almost any question or problem. Check out the new Wesabe user manual, found under Wesabe help.

Also, if you do find a problem like incorrect information, missing information, or just plain confusing information, could you let us know at support@wesabe.com? We want our documentation to grow up right, and good ol’ fashioned feedback can only help.

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  1. channing Says:

    THANK YOU! You guys are awesome. I’m happy to be here.

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