Wesabe partners with WattzOn to help quantify and reduce your personal energy consumption


The folks at WattzOn, a start-up named “Best Idea 2008” by Businessweek, believe that climate change and fossil fuel scarcity are global problems, and that individuals will provide the solution.  Through a free online tool, WattzOn helps people answer the question of how much energy it takes to fuel every aspect of their lives, and factors in community input to formulate the answer.

We’ve formed a partnership with WattzOn to help consumers more easily quantify, understand and reduce their personal energy consumption.  We were drawn by the similarities in WattzOn’s approach – leveraging individual contributions for the benefit of the community – and the fact that this is just a really cool, important idea.

Through this partnership, Wesabe members will be able to see both the financial and environmental impact of their spending.  By tapping in to WattzOn’s knowledgebase, you’ll be able to see your purchases in both dollars and watts.  You’ll also have access to WattzOn’s wealth of comparison tools (How much energy do I use compared to my peers?  To other countries?  How large of a solar panel would be needed to fuel my life?) and recommendations.

Here at Wesabe, we’re constantly working to make your financial data more than just a set of retrospective numbers shown in a few pretty graphs.  Our Cutback tool, for example, identifies trends in your spending and shows you ways to save.  This partnership will give you a whole new lens through which to view your purchases and lifestyle.

We plan to launch the integrated Wesabe/WattzOn application at the March O’Reilly ETech conference in San Jose (and will probably have something for you to check out in Wesabe Labs prior to then).  In the meantime, we’ve created a few preview screenshots to give you an idea of what a dual financial and environmental view of your energy usage could look like:

We’ll be helping WattzOn more accurately quantify how much consumers spend on utilities by letting them use our Automatic Uploader to pull this data directly from individual bills, similar to the way we use the uploader to pull bank and credit card data.  This will help WattzOn users eliminate the guesswork and get an exact picture of their home energy usage trends.

You can learn more about WattzOn and check out their free online tool here.  We look forward to working with and being inspired by the WattzOn founders, MacArthur Fellow Saul Griffith of Makani Power and Raffi Krikorian of Synthesis Studios.

5 Responses to “Wesabe partners with WattzOn to help quantify and reduce your personal energy consumption”

  1. Stephen Howard Says:

    This looks great. I am wondering though how you and WattzOn will be able to achieve an accurate sense of environmental impact without having a more line-item approach to transactions. After all, if a vegetarian and an omnivore both tag their grocery shopping “food” that gives you no indication on the energy that went into the food they bought, even if they shopped at different stores.

  2. RateNerd Says:

    I began replacing light bulbs with CFLs 5 years ago and have only had to replace two of them. No question it is saving me energy and $.

  3. Debbie Says:

    Hey, Stephen.

    From your comment, it’s clear that you really get what we’re trying to do here – to personalize energy consumption. And you’re right that there are certain categories where we’ll need more information to give you the most accurate look at your energy use. The WattzOn team created a profile builder that takes such factors as diet into account. Check out the “food” questions here: http://www.wattzon.com/profile/food . Taking a few minutes to share more about yourself will greatly increase our ability to accurately quantify your energy usage.

  4. WattzOn and more visioning « Seize the Moment of Excited Curiosity for the Acquisition of Knowledge Says:

    […] WattzOn and more visioning By Robert Brewer Late last week I stumbled across another related system called WattzOn. There’s an inspiring 30 video of a presentation by one of the founders, Saul Griffith, discussing the global warming problem and the WattzOn approach. The basic idea is similar to a web-based carbon footprint calculator, but the calculations are all done using power measured in watts, rather than kilograms of CO2. The motivation for using watts over kilograms of carbon is not fully explained, but it does allow for some interesting visualizations, such as the energy required to support your life is N 60 watt lightbulbs running 24×7. The data are input manually using a series of web forms, though vehicle milage data can be imported from Fuelly, and there are future plans to allow importing utility bill data. While WattzOn tracks some areas that many other calculators ignore (government, food, consumer purchases), it’s also less accurate in other ways, such as entering in air travel as number of short, medium, or long flights. […]

  5. Solarenergie Says:

    I alread replaced all my light bulps with energy saving one. We will see the saving with the next bill.

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