Introducing investment account tracking in Wesabe Labs


Yup, you read that right – you can now add your investment accounts to Wesabe.  We’ve posted a bell- and whistle-free version of account tracking in Wesabe Labs, and would love to get your feedback.  While we’ve got some great visualization tools in the works that we’ll add prior to the general launch, our focus right now is connectivity.  We’ve automated many of the major brokerages and investment houses (including Schwab, Vanguard, Ameritrade) and offer manual upload or our Firefox Uploader for others that let you download your files in an OFX format.   You can help us make this feature better by sending an email to letting us know what works for you, what doesn’t, and any other thoughts you have.


To sign up, just head over to Wesabe Labs where you’ll see a list of features we’re working on.  Clicking the “Sign Me Up!” button next to Investment Accounts will automatically enable the feature for you.  Head back to your main Accounts page, click on “Add an Account,” and start typing the name of your brokerage in the “name” field.  Tip: In the drop-down list, look for brokerages with the word “Investments” in parentheses at the end of the name, such as USAA Investment Management (Investments).  These are the ones that we’ve got up and running.

If you’ve played with the feature and decide you’d rather wait for the fully baked version, simply head back to the Labs page, where you can disable this, or any other Labs feature, with a single click.

Investment account tracking has been the top wish list item for a number of our members, so we’re really excited to deliver an easy way to keep an eye on 401(k)s, IRAs, mutual funds, etc.  Thanks in advance to our awesome members who help us test and make our features better in Labs.

5 Responses to “Introducing investment account tracking in Wesabe Labs”

  1. John Taylor Says:

    I found your blog on Google. I’ve bookmarked it and will watch out for your next blog post.

  2. burndive Says:

    You spoke too soon. The update was NOT a smashing success. I was putting off dealing with it until I had time to explore the site and figure out where you put everything that I was missing.

    Turns out some things simply aren’t there anymore.

    WHERE is the list of untagged transactions?

    WHERE is the list of unedited transactions?

    Without these, how am I supposed to keep track of new items?

    Also, it’s dog slow.

  3. burndive Says:

    Oh, AND…

    I can no longer tell at a glance which accounts have been successfully updated, and when. This is especially important for banks not supported by your server-side updater.

  4. burndive Says:

    … and the tag list isn’t concurrently visible with the top of the page (where the newest transactions show up).

  5. Lissamcb Says:

    the new site is painful adn frustrating. The only thing keeping me here before redesign was the HOURS I spent tagging over a year of financial data when I signed up. New site looks nice but is TOTALLY USELESS. Pretty don’t cut it.

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