Why I hate Comcast and love Boxee and Roku


I now have over three complete years’ worth of data in Wesabe, which allows me to discover all sorts of TOTALLY RIDICULOUS CRAP like this:

Comcast Sucks

That’s a Wesabe graph that shows how much I spent on Comcast cable over a three year period. Here’s the punchline: I never once changed my services in those three years. The amount went from an average of $27.88 per month for my 2006 service to an average of $70.97 per month for my 2008 service. Same channels, same house, same everything.

Basically, they’re slowing turning up the heat on the frog. (Yeah, the metaphor is inaccurate. But you know what I mean.) As long as you don’t read the fine print and notice your bill going up, they get more and more out of you every year.

What’s the solution? I love the new online video aggregators that are coming out — Boxee has the buzz (disclosure: Wesabe and Boxee are funded by the same venture capital firm, Union Square Ventures), and Roku seems to be following suit. These companies do for video what Wesabe does for bank data: free it from a bunch of sites and give to you in the form you want.

We’re canceling Comcast. Buh-bye. We’ll set up Boxee and Roku and the total cost (using hardware we already own, anyways) will be less than two months of service at my “new” Comcast rate. And then we’re set.

12 Responses to “Why I hate Comcast and love Boxee and Roku”

  1. Matt SF Says:

    Excellent observation.

  2. /dev/null Says:

    Out of curiosity who do you use for your internet connection?

  3. Marc Hedlund Says:

    /dev/null: Speakeasy. The rate has been constant over that time period (except when I made a change explicitly).

  4. esteban Says:

    Excellent work, Wesabe!

  5. Ben Ploni Says:

    “Why I hate Comcast and love Boxee and Roku”

    …and why I love Wesabe.

  6. Josh Says:

    When you say Roku, do you mean the netflix player? Y’know that boxee does that, don’tcha? 🙂

  7. Scott Loftesness Says:

    Pricing Power and the Beginning of the End for Cable TV?…

    Wesabe’s Marc Hedlund writes on the Wesabe blog about what his Comcast cable TV service costs – and how those costs have grown – for the exact same service – from $27.88 per month in 2006 to an average of……

  8. M T Barrett Says:

    I cancelled comcast in January, and they have a collection agency harrassing me to pay charges from February. I had to cancel them, their prices are just too much. I also got an angry phone call from them demanding to know why I cancelled them. He didn’t like my answer. Too bad.


  9. howtoquitcable Says:

    Nice work! We have also removed phone and television service from our comcast bill and we’re saving a ton of money. We’re documenting the obstacles and solutions we find over at our website, hoping other people find interest in comcast alternatives.

  10. I Love Comcast! Says:

    I love my comcast service! On demand is great!

  11. gary in florida says... Says:

    Anything has to be better! As I sit watching my picture pixelate, so tempted to throw something at the TV, but that would only hurt me not comcast!!! I have an association that automatically pays $40 a month to these incompetent bastards…unbelievable. We should all have businesses that can actually provide such poor quality and service that not only do the customers continue to send LARGE monthly payments but also basically stop complaining because it does no good. Its a win – win for them and a big kick in the butt for us,,, Thanks for the info on comcast alternatives, something has to give!!!!

  12. thomassatellite Says:

    I really hate comcast with a passion!

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