Forget the Cabbage Soup – 2009 Is Time For The Skinny Debt Diet


Each year, after the festive red and green envelopes in the mail have been replaced by thick white ones with the foreboding “Your Statement Enclosed” on the outside, and the last of the frosting-laden cookies have been polished off, Americans collectively resolve to better manage their finances and to get in shape.

While talking with top fit-blogger Stephanie at Back in Skinny Jeans about the similarities between money and fitness resolutions, we tossed around the idea of teaming up in 2009 to help our respective members make progress on these fronts.

In her typical gettin’-it-done style, Stephanie has kicked off The Skinny Debt Diet to “get women to start thinking about a different set of numbers: accounts versus scales.” She continues, “I think it will be not only good, but very healthy for us to start focusing some of that energy away from our looks and jeans size, and onto growing our bank account size and reducing our debt. If we’re gonna focus on skinny, why not make our debt skinny. Who doesn’t want skinny debt? In fact, I’d love to have a size 0 debt, and think that this is one size 0 that is worth working towards.”

During the entire month of January, Stephanie will be tracking her financial fitness journey, and will continue after that with weekly update posts. We’ve created a Skinny Debt Dieters group on Wesabe, where later this week Stephanie will begin focusing on the four key areas of the debt diet – feelings, finances, fitness and food. If you’re looking for a way to kick-start your debt reduction in 2009 and would also like some great advice for healthy living, this is the group for you!

Tomorrow, Stephanie will be featuring a video interview with Wesabe VP of Marketing Gabe Griego on her site, and we’ll be providing updates on her progress and advice throughout the month.

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  1. Stephanie Quilao Says:

    This is going to be pretty exciting. Thank you for the wonderful intro! The spirit behind this Skinny Debt Diet is really looking holistically at how our health and money issues can entwine with each other, and I think a really big component that will help is community.

    I think many of us get so much anxiety around our finances because we start feeling alone or that no one would understand what we’re going through. I’m learning as I branch out more that actually many of us are more alike than we think, and ya know it’s okay. I’m finding that people are really kind and supportive, and have some amazing tips and insight 🙂 So, I really look forward to learning more.

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