Introducing the Wesabe/CNBC "On The Money" Success Club


One of my favorite things about Wesabe Groups is reading the small (and large) victories of our members. Alibee really started working on her credit card debt in August and has chipped away thousands of dollars and built up an emergency fund, Joseph1976 rebounded after the loss of his job and is now employed again and making huge progress on his credit card bills, and nosirrahm just closed on a house last week.

These stories provide inspiration and proof that even in this uncertain economy, there are people taking control of their finances and making smart decisions. We’ve introduced our friends at CNBC’s On The Money, where Wesabe CEO Marc Hedlund is a regular contributor, to some of our members and… they are smitten! They have featured three of our members so far, and would like to tell more of your success stories on-air. (Congratulations to charter Success Club members CymbidiumKelly, allibee and GatorNation81.)

We’re very excited to introduce the Wesabe/On The Money Success Club. This is a great chance for you to share your financial milestones with others and get a well-deserved pat on the back for your progress. And you’ll also get some personal finance DVDs – if you are selected to call in and tell your story on-air, CNBC will send you DVDs as a thank you. And we’ll set you up with one of our sweet new Wesabe t-shirts.

Send an email to debbie at wesabe dot com with your story – what success you’ve experienced or strategy you’ve found to help you better manage your money, what challenges you’ve had to overcome to be successful, your age, name and contact information. I’ll pass your info on to a CNBC producer, who would then call you for more details. If you’re selected, On The Money will have you call in to the show and tell your story to the host, Carmen Wong Ulrich.

CNBC is particularly interested in talking to folks between the ages of 30 and 50, but recognize that success comes in all shapes, sizes and ages – so even if you don’t fit those parameters, feel free to send in your story.

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