Power To The People: Wesabe’s New T-shirts!




The Wesabe Community has been buzzing about T-shirts for some time now. So, when our newest designer, Magera, jumped on the chance to come up with a logo that had a high coolness factor and embodied Wesabe, the Wesabe team was psyched. Many hours later, Magera presented a design that we couldn’t wait to sport.

When I asked Magera how she settled on this design, she answered that she was, “inspired by the immediacy and motivational quality of propaganda posters.  The fists full of money symbolize the power of working together towards a goal, which is one of the inspiring and invaluable qualities of Wesabe.  We share our experiences and advice on how to save money and time, and together we all create a better life by doing so.”

We made a bunch to use for Wesabe promotions. For example, right now anyone who is taking part in the “No Spend Month” or the “30 Day Challenge” and wants to answer a few questions about their experiences over email will receive a free t-shirt (to take part send me an email at allese@wesabe.com). Additionally, though we’re not set up to sell them right now, we are playing around with the idea. So, if you’re interested in buying a shirt, again, you can shoot me an email at allese@wesabe.com.

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