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It’s a big day here at Wesabe. We’re excited to announce that we’ve signed a partnership with Telegraph Media Group, publishers of The Daily Telegraph, the UK’s biggest selling quality daily newspaper. A co-branded version of our site, called the Telegraph Personal Finance Planner – launches today at Telegraph.co.uk (TCUK):


With 22.9 million unique visitors in September, TCUK is the UK’s fastest growing quality newspaper website.

This partnership will give Wesabe the ability to help millions of new international members better manage their money and reach their financial goals. It also represents much more than a distribution deal – with the Personal Finance Planner, consumers no longer need to head to a bank or finance site to check their balances. They will now have the opportunity to view their finances in the same place they already turn for news and information. There is tremendous potential here – imagine viewing the day’s news through the lens of your financial goals. Seeing your finances contextualized by what’s happening in the markets or the grocery store.

For our U.S. members, it’s business as usual – this deal will not have an immediate impact on you. It does, however, further validate our view that your banking data should be open and free, and we hope it will lead to additional partnerships. And the larger the Wesabe community grows, the more powerful our aggregate spending trend and tips data becomes.

In looking for ways to take Wesabe global and to start helping more people worldwide better manage their finances, we couldn’t ask for a better partner than Telegraph Media Group. Cheers to our new partner, and welcome to our new Telegraph members.

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  1. Brad J Garland Says:

    Congrats Marc & team!

    I’m definitely sharing this to the rest of our community. I’m interested to see how that audience merges with yours.

  2. Graeme Foster Says:

    Where is it? I can’t find it on the Telegraph site.

  3. Debbie Says:


    The site is live and you can check out the Planner at http://telegraph.wesabe.com/. Telegraph plans to begin promoting the site late tonight US time/early morning UK time. Once the Planner goes live on Telegraph.co.uk, you’ll be able to find it under the “Finance” channel.

  4. T Says:

    Wow, that’s huge! Congrats!

  5. Wesabe Crosses the Pond and Partners With the Telegraph  »TechAddress Says:

    […] Online financial services site Wesabe has announced a new partnership today which will bring Wesabe’s financial tools to the UK. The tools are live on the Daily Telegraph’s website, telegraph.co.uk. Wesabe already claims to support members in 30 countries. From what I can recall, this is the first international deal for any of the new crop of U.S. based online financial services providers. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. […]

  6. Eric A. Says:

    Congratulations! I hope this partnership turns out well.

  7. The News before The News » Web 2.0 financial tools for all Says:

    […] I have been regularly using Web 2.0 start-up Wesabe for tracking my personal finances for over a year now. I think they run a great service and believe it is only going to get greater. So I’m happy to see that they have just launched a co-branded version of their website with a media outlet that is all but guaranteed to get more people flocking to their service in these budget-conscious times of recession; the UK’s Daily Telegraph. The Telegraph-branded version of Wesabe can be reached here but there doesn’t appear to be any linkage on the Telegraph website at present. […]

  8. Personal Finance Manager Wesabe schließt strategische Kooperation « Electro Uncle Says:

    […] Hier die Ankündigung von wesabe: […]

  9. Maureen Carter Says:

    A pity that so far unable to access Wasabe website via the telegraph so just wondering will wasabe tell me to curb my expenditire in dollars or pounds?

  10. Paul B. Says:

    Maureen –

    The default is pounds, but Wesabe supports all currency formats, and you can have your accounts in a single currency, or a mix of currencies. You should be able to access it right now at: http://telegraph.wesabe.com/

  11. Colin Charles Agenda » Blog Archive » Telegraph partnering with online sites Says:

    […] I don’t know how comfortable one would be, giving a newspaper more and more information (I didn’t find a privacy clause) about oneself, but this is the Facebook-era, where information is mostly free. Wesabe also mentions that with 22.9 million unique visitors to the Telegraph website in September alone, it could mean great growth for the site. […]

  12. Telegraph.co.uk partners with Wesabe on personal money management site | The Evolving Newsroom Says:

    […] Here’s one of the Telegraph’s personal finance reporters giving it a spin, and here’s the announcement from Wesabe. […]

  13. Eileen in UK Says:

    This is great for UK consumers, but as one of those, I can’t believe I only discovered this today!!!! I want to send it on to friends and others who have been waiting for UK banks to get on board, but is there any pointer from the Telegraph site? Where is Telegraph promoting this or tying back to their site? (Has it been successful for you guys?) I can’t see anything from http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/ even in Financial Planning Tools or other sections; what am I missing? Belated congrats!

  14. Dan Says:

    I have signed up on the telegraph site, had a problem with the import, raised 2 tickets and sent 2 emails, no reply back. I think Telegraph have given up on this. What a shame. I have tried the community but its like asking for help in a cemetery (when its closed). Any success out there UK users?

  15. Paul B. Says:

    Hey Dan –

    I think the problem may be on our end – I’ll check to be sure the support tickets that are being sent to Telegraph are getting passed through to us when appropriate (they may be heading to a mailbox that we don’t routinely check.)

    In the meantime, will you send me your problem directly? You can reach me at blank@wesabe.com, and I’ll help with your import problem.

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