DivineCaroline.com: Community 3.0?


Divine Caroline is a community-based website that describes itself as “a place where women come together to express themselves, find answers, and share life through storytelling.” With more than 100,000 members and an average of 2.3 million unique monthly page views, Divine Caroline is clearly an example of a thriving web-based community.

“Community” is a hot-ticket item in the wide world of Web 2.0. Left and right, websites, blogs and a growing flood of major corporations are making space for communities to grow and flourish.  Explaining what exactly comprises and fosters an online community, however, can be tricky. The online component seems to be the kicker; while geographic communities, ethnic communities and professional communities are more or less readily understood, a web-based community is a different type of animal.

Some of the most popular online communities, such as the ever-loud pack at Daily Kos or zealous followers of mommyblogger Dooce, are sustained by content. At Wesabe, community has flourished in the form of an online forum, a place where one can post a question and receive a hearty amount of free financial advice within a day.

Divine Caroline takes online community to the next level. The site sets itself apart not by its endless stream of comments or well populated forums (though it has those too), but its continual output of fresh, well-written articles on everything from parenting to politics and finance to relationships, the majority written by their own members.

By providing a publishing platform for women (the site caterers to women but welcomes men), Divine Caroline takes the ever important “engage your members” to a new high. By enabling women, for free, to easily submit and automatically publish their stories alongside professional content, Divine Caroline empowers women to share their wisdom. As a result, their site is thick with diverse content springing from a wide range of voices and backgrounds. While a quick browse through the Divine Caroline site would attest to this, I have highlighted a few articles that stood out to me:

“Never Satisfied? Try These Six Negativity Busters”

“Everything Is Better Wrapped in Bacon”

“Eight Easy (and Cheap) Ways to Improve Your House”

“Where Are Our Manners?”

In addition to hosting member content, the website encourages community reviews of products, has active forums, and provides rich member profiles.

Wesabe is now a Divine Caroline partner, meaning you’ll see some of Wesabe’s blog posts and other content highlighted in the site’s Money and Career section. Feel free to check out Wesabe’s profile and some of our stories or join Divine Caroline and build your own profile.

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