The new Wesabe home page (and how you can make it better)


We’ve just launched the new Wesabe home page:

Home Page

The new design features a set of photographs showing people working towards their financial goals and dreams. Magera, one of our designers, did a fantastic job choosing photographs that speak to why we love working on Wesabe — not just to make charts and graphs (though those are fun, too), but to help people find the life they really want, by helping them control the financial resources they need to get there.

The first name I thought of for our company was “Inreach” — that is, bring your goals in reach (and a pun on “enrich”). Unfortunately, that name belonged to another company already, but that idea continues to be the reason I so love working on Wesabe. When you use Wesabe, your goals — the goals in the pictures on our new home page, for instance — become reachable, achievable.

The home page photos, though, are stock images, taken from libraries of existing shots. They’re lovely, but at the same time, they’re taken ‘off the shelf’. We’d love to see some pictures of your goals. Do you walk by a house that is your dream to own? Are you saving up for your child’s college education? Is there a credit card you’ll gleefully cut into little pieces the day you pay it off? Take your best shot of your goal, post it on your refrigerator, and send it to me at I’ll post the best ones here, and if you send us one that tells a beautiful story about your goal, we’ll add it to the home page and send you a thank-you gift in return. We’d love for our home page to tell the stories of our members’ goals.

I’ve found that my financial life improves the most when I’m working towards a goal. Right now, my wife and I are saving up for the baby we’re expecting soon — let me tell you, having a baby on the way brings focus to financial discussions like nothing else! What goal motivates you? If you don’t have the perfect photo, tell us your story in the comments — about the goals you’ve reached, and the ones you’re reaching for now.

Congrats to Magera and Andre for their great work on the new home page. We hope you like it. More importantly, we hope you’ll let us help you reach your goals — that’s why we work here, and that’s what we love.

6 Responses to “The new Wesabe home page (and how you can make it better)”

  1. Brinstar Says:

    The stock photos are nice and all, but the people in them don’t reflect any diversity at all. Where are the people of colour?

  2. Marc Hedlund Says:

    @Brinstar, yes, that’s true. Sorry about that. We’ll make a change.

    I would love it if the photos reflected the people on the site, not just a better diversity of stock photos. While it’s our responsibility, we’d welcome submissions of goal shots that helped with this.


  3. nathan peterson Says:

    Great. So will the inside of the site catch up to the outside design-wise next? 😉

  4. Stephen Says:

    I love Wesabe (and preach it to everyone I talk to about finances) and I like the new site design. It’s great that you’re opening up the home page photo section to Wesabe members: true to the social aspect of Wesabe.

    Unfortunately, as much as I love the homepage photo featured in this post, “Live a wealthier life”, I would recommend choosing a different one. Since we can’t see the couple’s expressions, it could easily be construed as a home foreclosure in our current financial crisis!

  5. Marc Hedlund Says:

    @nathan – yup, that’s the plan.

    @Stephen – thanks for the kind words. You’re totally right about that photo and the housing market — good point. We’ll change it.

  6. Jamie (jrb207) Says:

    I’ve been vocal about the Wesabe user interface design in the forums so I felt the need to complement Magera and Andre on their great work. The design of the homepage is beautiful and I look forward to seeing this same design translated to the rest of Wesabe (any idea when?). I agree that the images should show more diversity and represent all Wesabe users but that topic aside, the activities and energy of them were well chosen. Nice job Wesabe.

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