Fuelly: track and save on gas spending


FuellyMy friend Matt Haughey and his cofounder Paul Bausch just launched Fuelly, a site for people who want to track their fuel usage and figure out ways to save on gas. Matt is a wizard at designing social sites — he’s the guy behind MetaFilter, and he gave me a ton of great feedback about Wesabe when we launched — and he and Paul have done a fantastic job on Fuelly. The site features tools for easily tracking how much you spend on gas and how many miles to the gallon you’re getting, tips on how to save money on gas and use less of it overall, and a forum for people to discuss fuel and transportation issues.

Gas spending comes up all the time as a topic in personal finance these days, including in Wesabe Groups. I’m really psyched to see what Matt and Paul have built. Go sign up, or learn more about it from the review on Lifehacker. Congrats, guys.

(By the way, they’re planning on adding an API, and when they do, we’ll look to integrate it with Wesabe.)

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  1. Fuelly helps you focus on your fuel economy at infodoodads Says:

    […] Fuelly is still new; the creators are already responding to requests for features and fixing the little things that need to be fixed. I learned about it from the folks over at Wesabe, a web-based personal finance program I reviewed last year that I still use regularly. The Wesabe folks are already talking about integrating the two and I can’t wait to see what they come up with!  Email This Post to a Friend […]

  2. Car Repair and Cashback Cards - Big Spender Edition | Money Smart Life Says:

    […] – Wesabe announces a new service named Fuelly that lets you track gas usage. […]

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