Commuting for free with Casual Carpool


I wrote a post for CNBC’s “On the Money” blog about commuting for free with Casual Carpool, a great system for sharing rides and saving money that’s very active in the San Francisco Bay Area and the Washington, D.C./Arlington, Virginia area. I’ll be contributing posts to their blog regularly but will cross-post them here and on Twitter.

Does anyone know of Casual Carpool-like systems in other areas? I saw reports of rides organized in Houston and Seattle, but I couldn’t find web sites listing pick up locations. Anyone know?

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  1. Lisa Biesak Says:

    Hi — I just saw your post and thought I would let you know about NuRide, a free and completely flexible ridesharing network that rewards its members for sharing rides and reducing energy consumption, traffic congestion and reducing emissions! Alot like a frequent flyer program–but for commuters!

    If you go to our site and click on the “See How It Works” button, you can learn a lot about our service. You can also give me a call if you would like to discuss further. I can be reached at 860-767-9880 x 151.


    Lisa Sattler-Biesak
    NuRide, Inc.

  2. Brian Says:

    Also, another great site is The great thing about them is they are a totally free site and help people find others who live and work nearby to carpool with. They also offer contests and a carpool savings calculator so that people can see how much money they can save by carpooling.

    Brian Bass

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