New Feature: Accounts home page graphs!


In the member survey we posted a few months ago, we heard loud and clear that your number one request was: better graphs. We’ve just launched a new set of graphs on the Accounts home page, and I think you’ll agree we’ve made a huge improvement in helping you visualize your finances.


The top graph is a line graph showing your expenses versus your earnings. This has been the #1 requested graph from Wesabeans for some time now. This makes it very easy to see whether you’re spending more than you’re earning.

Below, you’ll see two pie charts, one breaking down your top spending tags, and one for earnings. Both of these graphs feature one of the most-requested features we’ve had: the ability to drill down from top-level tags to sub-tags. Best of all, this doesn’t require you to organize your tags in any particular way. We figure out the organization of your tags based on how you spend on them, and create a drill-down pie chart for you based on your own style. No need to fit your finances into someone else’s pre-selected categories — instead, your graphs reflect the way *you* think about your money.


Finally, all three graphs include yet another of our most-requested features: the ability to see the transactions behind each point on the graph, or each slice in the pie charts. Just click “View Transactions” in the label for that point or slice, and you’ll see a custom list showing exactly what happened there.

Even with all of these long-standing requests fulfilled, this is just the beginning of our new charts work. We can’t wait to show you what’s coming up next.

Congratulations to Tim, the engineer who previously made our Firefox Uploader and Mac Dashboard Widget, for implementing these graphs completely in Javascript (using Processing.js), and doing such a fantastic job making them sing. And congrats also to Jeff, who helped Tim a lot with the design of the graphs, and Andre, for making the server side of things work wonderfully.

We hope you enjoy them. Let us know what you want to see next (I know you will! :).

6 Responses to “New Feature: Accounts home page graphs!”

  1. John A. Ellis Says:

    Awesome. Keep up the great work!

  2. Chris Wood Says:

    Very nice!

    One minor niggle – I’m in the UK, and the ‘Spending’ and ‘Earnings’ graphs have both transposed all my money from £ to $.
    The ‘Spending vs. Earnings’ graph gets it right, however

  3. m_s Says:

    I second @Chris’s niggle. It’s also logging my archived accounts (which I anyway didn’t want to add, but the Nationwide uploader insisted on doing so), which is a pain. And it would be great to be able to filter by tag as in the Spending and Earning summaries.

    That said – the graph’s a great: I’ve had them for a while as a beta tester, and the improvement this week is just great!

    Thanks everyone at Wesabe – the service just gets better and better.

  4. Marc Hedlund Says:

    Thanks for the great responses.

    Chris and m_s, yup, we’ve gotten a few reports of this — looks like the currency conversion got dropped for the pie charts. We’ll get that fixed right away. Thanks for letting us know.

  5. Ben Ploni Says:

    Fan-freaking-tastic. They work great! They’re so much nicer than the horrible flash bar chart. And they’re USEFUL. I’m already gleaning useful info about my finances from them. I’m very impressed, especially by how they manage to stay within the free tagging paradigm while remaining meaningful. Great work! Between this and transfers, Wesabe is really polishing up nicely.

  6. m_s Says:

    Now I have the data axis in £s, but no graph… They were more useful to me in $s! Help, someone, please…

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