Welcome, Allese!


Last summer, we brought Allese in as an intern to help us take care of the increasing amounts of work at Wesabe. We were psyched that she dove right in and did a great job with her assigned tasks. Even better, though, was that she started using Wesabe for her own finances, and had a ton of great suggestions and contributions for improving the site. Best of all for me, she jumped into Wesabe Groups and started asking questions, posting her own advice, and kicking off threads that turned into great and long-running conversations. Her participation in Groups wasn’t part of her job nor even anything we asked her to do, but right away she made the community better and has been very active in Groups since.


Allese working on her Latte Factor (photo by Brad Greenlee)

I’m happy to announce that we’ve hired Allese full-time, and that she’ll be taking on the role of Community Manager for Wesabe. For a long time this has been part of my role, and of course I’ll continue to participate in Groups as I have. As Groups activity has continued to climb, though, we’ve wanted to make sure we can answer every question in Make Wesabe Better, and that we’re keeping track of all the great feedback we get from our members. Allese will also continue to post topics and questions that we hear about from members frequently, or that are of interest to her in her own financial life.

Please join me in welcoming Allese to her official role at Wesabe. It’s great when you can start someone at a job by saying, “Just keep doing what you’re doing.”

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  1. Kat Says:

    Yay! Congrats, Allese!

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