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If you follow Wesabe on Twitter, you know that a few weeks ago, Jason Knight, our CEO, and his wife Jane welcomed a new son into their family. Unfortunately, their son was born with a serious respiratory disorder, and has been in and out of intensive care since his birth. While the prognosis for his long-term health is good, he has required and will continue to require very close care for a period of years. The amount of care and attention Jason’s son and whole family need at this point have led Jason to decide that he must resign from his position at Wesabe and focus on his son’s health.

Everyone at Wesabe supports Jason in his decision, and we all wish him and his family the best for the full and complete recovery of their son’s health. Of course, no one can see any other alternative for him but to make this choice. At the same time, everyone here is extremely sad to be losing Jason as our CEO.

As Jason’s co-founder, it is very easy for me to say that Wesabe would not exist but for his work. I first began talking about the ideas behind Wesabe in 2004, and nearly everyone I spoke with told me that asking people to manage and talk about their money on a Web site was completely crazy. There were two people who immediately and strongly supported what I was proposing to undertake: my wife, who has always been a wonderful supporter for me; and Jason. I have known Jason since we were each 14, and in all that time we’ve shared many ideas about the world and many ambitions for changing it. While Jason often disagreed with my ideas for businesses, and I with his, when we started talking about Wesabe it became clear very quickly that this was the right idea at the right time. During a particularly frustrating time in the lead-up to the company’s founding, I thought about giving up on the project, but Jason offered to keep working on it without me if necessary. We both made it possible for the other to keep going through those early, hard times of getting a company started, and Wesabe exists today as a result.

Unlike then, today Wesabe has a fantastic group of employees, members, supporters, partners, and investors, all of whom make the site the fantastic world it is today, and will continue to be into the future. I will be stepping in as Wesabe’s interim CEO, a position I’ve held before and am happy to hold for this great company. While we all are extremely regretful not to have Jason with us at the company, we won’t for a moment stop on the path to building out Wesabe’s future.

Please join me in wishing Jason and his family all the best.


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  1. Brad Garland Says:

    We wish you guys the best of luck. Let us know how we can help. Our thoughts and prayers are with Jason and his family.

  2. Eugene Chan Says:

    That’s tough news, but it sounds like Jason made the right decision. It’s hard to find good partners that exist in the realm of friendship and business. Those people are rare and you try and hold onto them as long as you can.

    Best wishes to him and the family.

  3. Imran Ali Says:

    Hey Marc – sorry to hear about Jason, I hope he’ll be able to care for his son and for a speedy recovery…best wishes as iCEO…I’m sure you’ll do great 🙂

  4. Morriss Partee Says:

    Best wishes to Jason, his son, and family, and to the Wesabe family too.

  5. Charlie Park Says:

    I’m so sorry to hear of August’s struggle. Glad that Jason will be there to support his wife and son during this tough time.

    We’ll be praying for the Knights, and for you and your team, Marc.

  6. Jean-Christophe Says:

    I wish you all at Wesabe the best of luck. My thoughts are with Jason, his wife, son and family.

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  8. Pete Says:

    Hey Jason, Sorry to hear about your son. Wishing the best for him, you and your fam.

  9. EugeneV Says:

    Jason, I hope your son’s full recovery will be quicker than expected.

  10. Adil Mhira Says:

    Jason ,

    I wish you the best for your son , and all your family .

  11. Marc Hedlund Says:

    Thanks so much to all for the kind and supportive comments, which I know Jason will very much appreciate.

  12. William Azaroff Says:

    Hi Marc. I am so sorry to hear about Jason’s son. I think the world of Jason and please pass along my thoughts and good wishes to him and his family.

  13. Brooks Jordan Says:

    I was in LAX earlier this month and a family of four came into my seating area.

    The two kids – a boy and girl – were pre-teens.

    The boy was hanging out, doing his thing. But the girl was hanging really close to her mother and the mother sort have had a physical and emotional presence around her.

    As they got closer I could see that the girl had beautiful, braided hair and a not so beautiful head, which the braids were meant to conceal.

    I don’t know what the condition or cause was, but it was of the major variety.

    The thing that stood out most, though, was the love in the family for that girl. They were right with her – in life. “That is love,” I thought to myself.

  14. Kevin D. White Says:

    Family comes first.

  15. John Says:

    Having gone through a similar situation, I’ve returned to work after almost 3 years of taking care of my son. I can understand Jason’s decision all too well.
    I wish your son’s immediate full recovery. Medicine is not a science, love and physical proximity with your soon will accelerate recovery.
    A sincere hug to all of you.

  16. Tim McAlpine Says:

    As someone who balances being an entreneur and a Dad, I know Jason has made the right decision. This is another demonstration of Jason’s impeccable character. Business is fleeting. Family is forever. All the best.

  17. Tim Brown Says:

    Jason, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  18. Cheryl Yin Says:

    Jason, thank you for all you’ve done for this site. I am so grateful for a place like this. I wish you and your family, especially your son, the best.

    Marc, thank you as well for what you’ve done for Wesabe and for stepping in as interim CEO. I will continue to look forward to all that Wesabe has to offer.

  19. Wayne E. Yang Says:

    Marc, congrats to you in your new post and good luck. I enjoyed meeting you at the USV annual meeting. Best wishes to Jason and his family. W

  20. Ashwin Says:

    Jason ,

    I wish your son a speedier recovery, my best wishes for you and family.

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