UPDATED: Scheduled downtime this Saturday night, Sunday night


We’re preparing for some big changes to the site, and as part of that preparation, we’ve scheduled downtime for Wesabe this Saturday, April 19th, starting at 8:00pm and ending Sunday morning at 4:00am, Pacific time. (To see the downtime period for your time zone, click here: start time to end time.) We’ll warn about the start of downtime on Twitter, and will post another tweet as soon as the site is back up. (You should follow Wesabe on Twitter to get all updates about the site — very useful and low-volume.)

With any large transition, things may go wrong or take longer than expected. We think it’s better to be up front about that possibility, so we’ve scheduled a fallback downtime for Sunday night, the 20th, again starting at 8:00pm and ending at 4:00am the next morning, Pacific time. If all goes well Saturday night, we will not use this time at all, but we wanted to alert you to the possibility.

Also, we’ll be taking our search system offline for upgrades during this transition. Search will not be enabled when the downtime is complete, but will instead be offline while we test and fix some of the issues many members have seen with it. We’ll post updates on search as soon as we have it stable and working in the new setup.

Again, follow us on Twitter to get all the updates as we go through this transition. Thanks much for your patience through this downtime, and look forward to a bunch of big improvements in the days and weeks to come.

UPDATE: The transition was mostly successful, and the site is up and stable. However, we did have some hardware trouble this morning, and we will be using some of the fallback downtime to fix it. We will be down tonight from 10:00pm to 2:00am, Pacific time. As before, follow us on Twitter to get updates about this. Thanks again for all your patience and support.

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