Budgeting with Wesabe and Excel


Wesabean Tommy Vernieri has created an excellent Google Code project, providing an Excel spreadsheet that lets you download your transactions from Wesabe and create a budget for them. He calls it Budgeting for Wesabe using Excel, and it’s a neat piece of work. Tommy’s spreadsheet uses the Wesabe API to fetch your transactions, and then lays them out to make budgeting easy. He’s also provided tools for updating your transactions in the spreadsheet.

Budgeting with Excel

You don’t have to know anything but your Wesabe credentials to use the spreadsheet, but if you’re a VBScript programmer, he also provides a set of methods for interacting with the Wesabe API. These would be great for building your own spreadsheet using the API.

Thanks much for building this great project, Tommy, and for sharing it with us!

P.S.: Tommy is a wine fan and wanted to let people know that, “If you’ve never watched Wine Library TV <http://winelibrarytv.com> you should check it out, it’s a lot of fun. The 400th episode is running on Monday…”

(Note: Wesabe does not endorse or review any third-party API clients — use at your own risk.)

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  1. Our Story » How We Manage Our Finances Says:

    […] My hope is that I can invoke the lazyweb (or, better, the well-funded-capitalist-web or even the clearly-self-motivated-web) to take up making a real system of this idea. I want to be able to hand something to my family and friends and have them derive the same benefit with a tenth the technical learning curve it takes now. If you’re interested, getting in touch is good, but downloading, hacking, and posting your results on the web is better. […]

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