New Features: Archived accounts and upload management


Tonight, we have two of those “You asked for it, you got it” features: you can now archive an old or inactive account on your account list, and you can view or delete any upload to an account.

archivedIf you close a bank account or credit card, you may not want to see it in your account list every time you login (especially since we prompt you to upload if the account hasn’t been updated in a while). To archive an account, go to the account detail page, click the “Edit” button at the top of the page (near the account name), and then click “Archive Account.” All of your transactions and tags for that account will be saved, and you’ll still see them in your reports, and on your tag and merchant pages. But, the closing balance will no longer be reflected in your accounts total, and you won’t have to see it cluttering up your list. If you need to look something up, you can get back to the account with one click on the “Show Archived Accounts” link at the bottom of the accounts list.


We also get requests to be able to see or delete uploads to an account. You can now do either of those by going to the same account edit pane (click the “Edit” button next to the account name at the top of the account detail page), and clicking “Manage Account Uploads.” There, you’ll see the date, Uploader version, transaction count, and date range for each upload, and you can click the transaction count to see what was uploaded, or the “delete” link to remove the upload from that account. If you’ve uploaded a statement to the wrong account accidentally, or if you want to track down when a transaction appeared, the upload management page can be a big help.

Hopefully these improvements make the site easier to use and make your accounts cleaner. Let us know what you think.

2 Responses to “New Features: Archived accounts and upload management”

  1. Rich Kline Says:


    This looks like a great capability, but it doesn’t work for me. I archived two credit cards that have a 0.00 balance and are “archived” in my desk drawer. BUT the accounts are not closed. Unfortunately, this feature doesn’t help remove these type of zero balance accounts, because as part of the upload process Wesabe creates new versions of these accounts.

    I guess I was looking for more of a hide capability.


  2. Andre Arko Says:

    Hi Rich,

    I discovered that a few hours after we deployed the feature, and I have since changed it so that uploads to archived accounts should work. Please let us know with an email to if you are still having problems.


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