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iPhoneWhen we launched Wesabe Mobile, one of the questions we got a lot was, “Are you going to do an iPhone site?” So, I’m happy to announce that Wesabe for the iPhone has launched. Just head to http://i.wesabe.com/ and you’ll have an iPhone interface to all of your bank and credit card accounts in a single view.

Because the iPhone is better at displaying lots of data in a browser than most cell phone browsers, we’ve removed the limit of just showing the ten most recent transactions. Instead, you can see as many transactions as you want, organized by account. Just like the iPhone email interface, the first 25 are loaded by default, and you can tap the bottom of the list to load more. And as before, you can record your cash transactions on the go using the iPhone interface to enter the amount, merchant, and tags, and clean up the details when you get back to your computer.

The Wesabe iPhone interface is, of course, free for all members to use. It’s a great way to keep your finances at your fingertips when you’re away from your desk. Let us know what you think, and what else you’d like to see in our mobile and iPhone sites!

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  1. Brad Garland Says:

    Congratulations Marc! It looks really great on the iPhone!

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