Desktop Uploader 1.1.0


The newest release of the Wesabe Desktop Uploader, version 1.1.0, is out. You can download it here:

This release adds over 600 new banks and credit cards in twenty countries around the world. If you don’t see your bank, credit union, or credit card listed, drop us a line at and we’ll add it within a few days. The only requirement is that the institution offer a download in a format we support (currently OFX, QFX, OFC, or QIF — formats that sometimes are listed as “Quicken” or “MS Money”).

Also in this release are some bugfixes, including automated syncing for Washington Mutual accounts, and suppression of error messages when syncing is taking place in the background (so an error dialog doesn’t appear out of nowhere).

Let us know if you have any trouble with the release, and thanks for using Wesabe.

3 Responses to “Desktop Uploader 1.1.0”

  1. Colin Says:

    Great news … still looking forward to the Linux version 😉

  2. davidcl Says:

    What’s the best place to report a problem with the uploader?

  3. Capsule logicielle : Wesabe vous aide à gérer votre argent | Mes Finances Perso Says:

    […] Ils offrent un “add-on/plugin” pour Firefox ou encore un logiciel (Desktop uploader, mon option favorite @ télécharger ici) que l’on peut installer sur son ordinateur, tous deux gratuits. Il agit comme intermédiaire entre le compte bancaire et le compte wesabe et conserve les informations d’identification de manière sécurisée sur son ordinateur. Une fois les données obtenues, il les pousse directement sur notre compte Wesabe. […]

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