A great end-of-year note


I can’t help sharing this note from Wesabe user Bzzzz, posted in Wesabe Groups:

As we go into 2008 it will have been a full year that I’ve been using Wesabe. While becoming more aware of my finances was my 2007 resolution, I had no idea how powerful doing it would be. I can tell someone where my entire year’s worth of income was spent, to the penny, and as a result I’ve saved more than I ever have before.

Today looking at my bank account, I have 0 debt (of any kind), high credit card limits, an outstanding credit score and I’ve saved more in 1 year than I did for the past 5 combined ($70K+).

Suffice to say, the way I view and manage money has profoundly changed for the better. This absolutely would not have been possible if it weren’t for the easy to use functionality of Wesabe and the fantastic updates and support from the team.

To the entire team – thank you. My life has changed for the better because of your efforts.

Thanks so much for the wonderful note, and I hope this inspires more people to make a great 2008 resolution to follow Bzzz’s example. And thanks to everyone who participates in Groups and helps make Wesabe better for everyone on the site. You’re all awesome. Happy new year!

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