A little pie for the holidays…


We don’t all celebrate Christmas at Wesabe, and we know not all of you do, either, but we still thought it would be fun to put out a little gift tonight in honor of the season. Happy holidays!

Pie chartI’m very happy to announce the release of Firefox Uploader 1.2. There are a bunch of new features in this release, but the one that might make the most people happy is the first Wesabe pie chart (pictured here). The Wesabe Dashboard in the Firefox Uploader will now show you a pie chart of your top five tags, and will let you click through to a list of other tags, showing the percentage they consume in your finances.

There’s a “special ingredient” in this pie chart. Usually, to make a financial pie chart look right, each of your transactions has to go into exactly one category (or, if you split a transaction into parts, each part can only go in one category). In Wesabe, though, we allow you to use as many tags as you like on each transaction — you don’t have to limit yourself to just one category. That’s very flexible, but it makes simple reports like this pie chart more complicated, since tags “overlap” in the pie. Fortunately, our friends at Stamen helped us come up with a great solution to this problem, and the pie chart in the Firefox Uploader’s Dashboard is the first experiment using this solution. We believe it will allow you to use as many tags as you like on each transaction, and still get great, clear reports without having to do any extra work.

We’d love it if you could (after unwrapping your other presents, of course) let us know how the pie chart looks to you — does it feel like the right tags are shown? Do you see a tag that isn’t really one of your top five tags, or is one missing? And, of course, is it helpful?

Pie charts and better reports have both been frequent requests from Wesabe members, so if this experiment goes well, you can expect to see more of the same elsewhere on Wesabe.

But, pie does not make a full meal! The 1.2 release of the Firefox Uploader has a bunch of other new features, too:

  • In addition to the “Top 5 Tags” pie chart, we’ve added a new “Recent Transactions” bar chart to the Wesabe Dashboard.
  • There are new preferences to show or hide both charts, and to set the period of time they display.
  • You now can drag and drop sections in the Dashboard to rearrange them.
  • We added a “Disconnect” option to stop account uploads and lock the Dashboard (for instance, if you’ll be away from
    the computer and don’t want someone to see your recent transactions).
  • The Firefox Uploader will now automatically start syncing when you login to the Wesabe site.
  • We fixed a problem Quick Upload that was creating invalid accounts.
  • Currency formatting is now correct for account balances and recent transactions.

You can get the new Firefox Uploader from its install page, or by choosing “Tools -> Add-ons -> Find Updates” from within Firefox, if you already have an earlier version installed.

Congrats to Tim for putting so much work into this release. We hope you enjoy it, and happy holidays from everyone at Wesabe.

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  1. Jeremy Says:

    Very cool, but will something similar be incorporated into the main website for those of us that do not use the FireFox Uploader?

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