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Lifehacker has an amazing and very detailed review of Wesabe today, “Organize Your Money in 2008 with Wesabe“:

Wesabe may just be secure enough for the most paranoid of privacy freaks. I could rattle on about how great their privacy policy is and how refreshing it is that they have a Data Bill of Rights, or you could hear about Wesabe’s privacy policy from the horse’s mouth….

Probably the best aspect of Wesabe is the strong community of users who continually help each other identify various ways to save money. Wesabe has very active forums which include a thread on how to improve Wesabe that is frequently reviewed by members of the Wesabe development team. Wesabe also injects user-submitted tips explaining various ways to save money unobtrusively into the interface….

I stayed with Wesabe because I love their mission, community, and their desire to continually improve the site. I am confident in their privacy policy, believe they will protect my data, and like that I can take my data with me if I want. I will not be returning to Microsoft Money, Quicken, GnuCash, or Mint anytime soon!

Thanks much to the LH crew for the great coverage — and thanks for all the great comments and feedback from Lifehacker visitors this morning.

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  1. Georg Says:

    Yep, recently found this article at oreilly radar. Very interesting

  2. Kyle Pott Says:

    Thanks for the write up and link back. I’m a huge fan of Wesabe!

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