Happy Birthday to Wesabe!


One year ago today, we launched Wesabe to the world. We all stayed up through the night, fixing early problems, responding to messages from new users, and excitedly reloading our stats page, which kept going up and up and up.

Over the past year, we’ve gotten many thousands of messages from Wesabe members, telling us all about how they use the site. It’s incredible to read these messages. Of course some are bug reports, but an astonishing number of them tell us stories about how valuable the site is, what change it has produced in people’s lives, how much they like it, and — of course! — how much they would like us to add this feature or that. I’ve worked on a lot of popular and well-used sites before, but I’ve never worked on something that has had so much impact on people’s lives, and has helped more people with problems that really matters to them. It makes getting up for work in the morning incredibly easy, and closing the computer at night incredibly hard.

I think the one thing that has made Wesabe better for people than anything else is that the people who develop the product use it and often need it just as much as our members do. In an development meeting this week, one of the engineers chewed me out about a bug he’d found using the product, and said, “I’m feeling out of touch with my finances because of this!” There’s no better way to build a product than to need it and use it yourself.

Thanks so much to everyone who has given Wesabe a try and helped make it better with your ideas, Groups posts, bug reports, and API clients. And from both me and Jason, thanks to all of the people at Wesabe, for everything you do every day to build and improve the site: Allese, Andre, Brad, Brian, Coda, Debbie, Jeff, Kat, Paul, Sam, and Tim. You’re all amazing — as I’ve said in meeting after meeting, this is the best group I’ve worked with.

We have a ton of great improvements in the pipeline, and we’ve listened very closely to everything we’ve heard and seen over the past year. Wesabe’s launch made a lot of people pay attention; we can’t wait, though, to show you what’s coming in the next year.

12 Responses to “Happy Birthday to Wesabe!”

  1. Gene Blishen Says:

    We should be thanking all of you for what you have done and how it helps us. And Happy Birthday!

  2. elkit Says:

    Happy birthday, Wesabe! Thanks for helping me keeping my monies together. You guys rock!

  3. Tony Stubblebine Says:

    Congratulations! You guys are doing amazing work!

  4. Colin Henderson Says:

    Congrats! Considering what you have accomplished, I was surprised it has only been a year.

  5. Frank Bascio Says:

    Congrats to the team on a stellar year and for continued success.

  6. Ginny Brady Says:

    You could have fooled me! Wesabe seems older than that! Funny that this was the weekend that I decided to do two informational posts about Wesabe on our credit union blog.
    All the best in the future.

  7. Charlie Park Says:

    Oh, the photos from today. We’ll look back on them in a few years, and remark about how cute you were, rubbing that cake all over your face. Such a cutie.

    Really: Happy, happy birthday. Can’t wait to see what the next 12 months holds in store for you!

  8. Marc Hedlund Says:

    Thanks so much for all the great comments. Wesabe is what the people on the site make it, so thanks to all of you most of all.

  9. r Says:

    It’s only been a year?!

    And, congrats! =)

  10. Rob Rubin Says:

    Congratulations. Peter and I have enjoyed working with you and helping Wesabe users switch banks (BankSwitcher via the Wesabe API). We’re looking forward to doing even cooler stuff with you over the coming months/years.



  11. Stefano Buliani Says:

    Happy Birthday. After writing a first skeptical post about your service I gave it a second try and it completely changed my opinion. You guys are doing a fantastic job and I guess the whole experience will just get better and better as more liquidity (users) joins your site.
    Keep up the good work,


  12. Rob McNealy Says:

    Happy Anniversary!

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