New feature: discussion alerts


We’ve added a feature that a bunch of people have requested: email alerts for new posts in Wesabe Groups. If you want to keep up on a financial topic of interest, or you want to track a specific discussion, now you can do that by email (in addition to the RSS feeds we’ve always had).

You can subscribe to a group, such as the “Buying a House” group, by visiting the group page (while you’re signed in) and selecting, “Click to follow new discussions by email.” Each time a new topic is created, you’ll get an email with the full content of the initial post.

If you’re particularly interested in a discussion, go to that discussion page, like “Making Money Blogging” (while signed in) and select, “Click to follow new comments by email.” Every time a new comment is added to the discussion, you’ll get an email with the full text of the comment. One good use of this, in the “Make Wesabe Better” group, is to get updates when a particular feature you’re looking for is added or fixed on the site.

If you decide you don’t want to get either kind of alert, each email has a one-click link to unsubscribe.

Email alerts on discussion groups aren’t exactly Web 2.0 hotness. 🙂 But, they are useful for keeping track of financial topics you’re working on or trying to learn more about. Give them a try, and let us know how we can make them better.

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