Firefox Uploader 1.1 released


We’re very happy to announce the 1.1 release of the Wesabe Firefox Uploader, our open source Firefox extension for Wesabe members. The Firefox Uploader makes it very easy for you to automatically get your financial information from your bank’s or credit card’s web site, and upload that data to Wesabe. (There’s a great introduction to the Firefox Uploader on YouTube.) The 1.1 release has a bunch of improvements and several great new features.

DashboardThe biggest new feature Tim added is the Wesabe dashboard, which gives you easy, immediate access to your account balances and latest transactions (across all of your accounts). This means you’re a click away from checking on your accounts and seeing where you stand. To bring up the dashboard, click on the Wesabe icon in the Firefox toolbar, and choose “Wesabe Dashboard.”

If you’d prefer not to have the dashboard available, you can disable account balances, recent transactions, or both by choosing “Options” and then “Dashboard.”

(For developers, the dashboard is a Wesabe API client. If you like what it does but would rather have that data available somewhere else, take a look at chrome/content/WesabeDashboard.js in the source for the code. The Firefox Uploader is open source and GPL‘d.)

There are also two major improvements for automated downloading. First, the Firefox Uploader recording system has several substantial upgrades, which make it possible to record downloads for many more banks. In particular, Citibank and ING Direct, both banks that were problematic before, now work with the Firefox Uploader. (ING Direct users, check out this post in Groups for tips on getting a successful download.) We’re adding support for more recording types over time, and we’re getting closer to 100% coverage for bank sites around the world.

Second, the performance of playback is dramatically faster. Tim spent a bunch of time on this, and it makes uploading less obtrusive and much easier to verify after recording. Try testing one of your recordings and you’ll see what I mean — what used to take several minutes to play back will now be completed in seconds.

Beyond these improvements, there are a bunch of fixes and usability improvements with the Firefox Uploader. Your username will be remembered after your first login (but if you’d prefer, you can disable this under “Options,” too). The toolbar button now fits better with different Firefox configurations. And several minor bugs have now been resolved.

Many Wesabe users have told us that the Firefox Uploader has made their experience of the site a huge amount better, and we’re thrilled that’s so. Keep sending in your suggestions and bug reports, and we’ll keep improving it. (And if you’re not a Firefox user, never fear, we’ve got a treat in the works for you, too….)

2 Responses to “Firefox Uploader 1.1 released”

  1. Tanc Says:

    Nice one Marc, this is definitely improving. I’m still having trouble with my financial institution opening a new window and the uploader still seems to not be able to track it. Any chance of this ever changing?

    Also, like I say each time… please implement CSV imports! Pretty much every UK bank uses this awful format.

  2. Gareth Says:

    I installed this extension, but I disabled it because it expands my sidebar. I want to keep my sidebar small! Please fix this problem, and then I will use the extension. In the meantime, the regular uploader has stopped working with Washington Mutual. I don’t know why this is, I only know that WaMu has changed their website.

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