Wheaties bookmarks for October 9th


Good reading for October 9th:

  • Banks scarier than criminals for many, survey finds – The Red Tape Chronicles – MSNBC.com – “A new survey indicates that many consumers are more worried about banks raiding their accounts than criminals. Consumers are five times more likely to switch banks because of hidden fees than security concerns…” Hmm, seems like a false comparison.
  • Wesabe: Spend Smarter: Working parents with daycare bills – Great thread on finances and childcare in Wesabe Groups. @seadeapea’s post is full of fantastic suggestions.
  • 10 Ways to Build the Habit of Saving Money — Get Rich Slowly – “What works in the long-term is understanding your spending habits. Once you understand, you can change by building new habits. That’s how you become a money saver.” Great post! This is how we’ve designed Wesabe — not for complete automation but instead for complete understanding.
  • Mrs. Micah: Finance and Life: Selling and Sucking your Soul: Ethics and Finance – “Recently, I had the chance to let payday loan people advertise on my site. […] All I could think of was ‘They earn their money by exploiting people.’ It’s like a guy who does child prostitution wanting you to do his taxes. Nope.” (via The Finance Buff)
  • 401(k) Loans: At Your Own Risk – WSJ.com – “Despite potential tax and investment consequences, more individuals have been borrowing from their 401(k) plans or taking hardship withdrawals in recent months, some retirement-plan providers say.” (via Ka-Blog)
  • Bankrate: Pay more, get more debit rewards – “Debit cards continue to be the card of choice for many consumers when it’s time to pay for purchases. […] perhaps consumers […] appreciate not receiving a fat credit card bill at the end of the month.” (via Payments News)
  • Making Sure Your Stores Guard the Data – WSJ.com – “…shoppers are pretty much left in the dark if they want to know if a store is keeping their credit-card and debit-card transactions secure. There are a few things savvy consumers can do to check up on a retailer’s security practices before practices before plunking down their plastic.”

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