Browser Snapshot saves me $29


SnapshotOne of the things you can do with the Wesabe Firefox Uploader is save receipts and confirmation pages directly in your browser, for any transaction you do online. We call this Browser Snapshot. This is a great way to keep track of what you spend with very minimal effort, and to keep receipts without having to waste or store paper copies.

Today I wound up calling on a Snapshot I’d saved, and it made me very happy to have the feature. I love USAA’s Deposit@Home service, which lets me deposit my checks from my house with a scanner, but unfortunately I had a problem with a recent deposit, and it wound up costing me $29 in an overdraft fee. I was paid on the last day of the month, and went home to deposit the check that night. It was after 11p Pacific time, but after midnight in San Antonio (where USAA is based), so the check wasn’t credited to my account until the first of the following month. I had a bill payment going out on the first, but it seemed like it would be fine (credited on the 1st and check sent on the 1st). But no — I later found the overdraft fee in my account, and saw that the check wasn’t really credited until several days later, after the weekend.

Fortunately, I’d saved the confirmation page with Browser Snapshot, and was able to tell them the confirmation number from that. “I can email a screenshot of the confirmation page to you,” I offered, but they went ahead and refunded the overdraft fee right away.


Again and again, I’ve saved money just by keeping copies of everything. I love that Snapshot makes it so easy to do that. I’ve been saving copies of everything, and it just takes a second. When I need it, the Snapshot is right on the transaction in my Wesabe account. This is the first time I’ve saved money directly with it, but I don’t think it will be the last.

4 Responses to “Browser Snapshot saves me $29”

  1. Bryan Says:

    You can do this same thing in Windows and IE7. Just select ‘print’ and save the file as a Microsoft Office Imaging Document – can, email and print, etc.

  2. wesabe snapshots — award tour Says:

    […] Wesabe blog » Browser Snapshot saves me $29. cool little feature in wesabe’s firefox plugin (which I started using last month). […]

  3. sean Says:

    while that might be true brian, one also needs to use windows and IE7 in order to do that.

  4. Robert Says:

    You should sign up for USAA’s overdraft protection, btw, and it will just go to your credit card instead of charging a fee.

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