Wesabe No. 65 in the "Esquire 100"



The Wesabe crew is, well, frankly a little blown away to be named as No. 65 in Esquire Magazine‘s “Esquire 100,” their annual list of “the one hundred remarkable people, things, ideas, and places that we think will be making an impact on our culture, large or small, in the months ahead”:

The Wikipedia of Your Bank Account
A dot-com success story for 2008

This thing is extremely helpful. It groups every transaction into a category — dinners out, gas, music, whatever — so you always know how much you’re spending on what. And the tips from other users are actually useful, like how to avoid extra charges on your cellphone bill and where to find huge coupons when buying groceries online.

I’d like to think we made the list because I’m just as snappy a dresser as Benicio Del Toro, who’s on the cover. Maybe that’s not it. (In fact, it’s embarassing how far back I have to go in my Wesabe accounts before I can find a transaction tagged ‘clothing’…perhaps I should leave the snappy dressing to Jason.) It’s great to see Wesabe growing and getting more recognition, and I’m especially thrilled to have so many people joining, participating in Groups and Tips, and making the community better and smarter. (Benicio, did you get a good deal on that suit?)

3 Responses to “Wesabe No. 65 in the "Esquire 100"”

  1. Ryan Williams Says:

    Congrats guys, that’s awesome. Saw the Chatzky article in Money Magazine last night too, the good press keeps on rolling.

  2. Meg Says:

    Very nice! Congrats!

    Here’s a question. The article also said:

    “This fall, the site is adding cash-flow management, a budgeting tool that helps you get better at saving and spending.”

    How did I miss this? Tell me more, or point me to what I’ve undoubtedly missed!

  3. Ron Shevlin Says:

    Congrats. You guys must be really good-looking and well-dressed. 🙂

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