USAA Deposit@Home now available for Mac


USAASince I’m both a USAA customer and a Mac user, I was happy to see that USAA is now supporting Macs for its fantastic Deposit@Home service. Deposit@Home lets you deposit checks into your account using a scanner, which has been a huge help for me. If you’re a USAA customer, you should definitely check it out. For now at least, they’re crediting the account immediately with your deposit, which in itself is a benefit over banks that take a day or two to recognize a check deposit you make at a branch.

Macs aren’t usually well-supported on bank sites. If you’re on Windows, Deposit@Home works through Java applet that directly controls the scanner. On Mac, USAA is instead having you scan the check yourself in JPEG format, and then crop it using their applet. I’d guess that makes supporting Macs easier (since they don’t have to write scanner-control code for Mac scanners), if a little harder for Mac users, but that seems like a good trade-off. I’d rather have Macs supported, even a little awkwardly, than not at all. (Anyone want to try it on Linux and let me know what you find? If you can scan an image on a Mac, you can do it on Linux, too, I’d guess…)

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  1. Jason Says:

    Tried it in linux … couldnt get it to work. Says you dont meet minimum requirements. Im guessing b/c of how the scanner integrates into firefox. Any ideas? It does work in firefox on a windows pc … just as an fyi.

  2. Jason J. Gullickson Says:

    This is very cool, but I don’t think I qualify for a USAA account. Are there any other banks open to the general public that offer a simular service?

  3. Peter Poremski Says:

    I am a long time USAA member, over 40 years. USAA has always offered superior service through all three of their service sectors, Banking, Insurance and Investment Services. I am very happy with them.

  4. Kevin Says:

    Same result as Jason on Linux, no go with the message “don’t meet minimum requirement”. Trying to see if I can do this using a virtual machine, but it’s a little trickier getting the VM to recognize the scanner. Will update if it works.

  5. Ryan Says:

    Unfortunately I could not get this to work on the Mac – I tried 2 checks with multiple scans but it kept telling me the check was “not clear or not signed”. Arghh!

  6. Alex Says:

    even worse, i had some email exchange with the usaa tech guys…and they’re not even planning on making a linux version. shortsighted.

  7. Ron Says:

    My daughter has USAA and banks with them. They WILL NOT provide home deposit if you do not also have insurance with them.

  8. Dave Says:

    I’ve been using Deposit@Home with USAA and linux and firefox for a while now. I had to install the “User Agent Switcher” add-on and create a Mac OSX/firefox user agent definition. I then switch to that user agent, browse a couple sites, then go to USAA and log in. Then I go do the Deposit@Home stuff using images I scanned with Gimp/XSane. I also have the Java 1.6 plugin. It has been working great for a while.

    Good luck!

  9. Vaughn Says:


    I’m a fellow Linux user (Ubuntu). Would you mind sharing your user agent string? Also, what do you mean you used files that you scanned from Gimp? How?


  10. Vaughn Says:

    Just a follow up note. I’m using Ubuntu 8.10. I’ve been able to make this work so far by using a virtual XP machine through Virtual Box. I then installed XP, Firefox and Java. Bank at home works well with this setup, though I’d love to see a solution that will allow me to scan straight from Ubuntu Linux.

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