New feature: Export Excel, QIF, OFX, OFX2, CSV, or XML from any account page


We’ve added a new feature for making use of your Wesabe data. You can now export your data in Excel, CSV, OFX, OFX2, QIF, or XML format, from any one of your account pages.

Export menuA lot of people have told us that they like being able to get their data from their banks and credit cards automatically with Wesabe, and they like having their data cleaned up by other Wesabe users, but they prefer to run reports or keep their budget in Excel. Using Excel export, you can get all the benefits of Wesabe with the added benefit of all the reports and formulas that Excel supports.

Other people have told us they like using personal finance applications for printing checks, managing investments, or other reasons. QIF, OFX, and OFX2 export allow you to take advantage of the benefits of Wesabe while still using any application that supports import of these formats (which is almost all of them). Rather than having to clean up all of your data yourself, upload it to Wesabe and take advantage of our community editing features, and then keep your records in whatever application you choose.

Also, for developers, XML and CSV export allow you to get access to Wesabe data in formats that are easy to use in developing your own scripts and applications. Note, you can download all of these formats by adding the format name as a file extension to any account URL. For instance, if you are looking at:

and you want to download an XML version of that data, just send a GET request for:

(Yes, this is beginning to look a lot like an API, and we’re going to make it look a lot more like an API soon.) If any data is missing from any format that you need for development, let us know and we’ll add it as soon as possible.

There’s one side-effect of this feature: you can now use Wesabe to convert any data from QIF, OFC, OFX, OFX2, or QFX format, to any of Excel, QIF, OFX, OFX2, CSV, or XML format, all for free. To do so, just upload your source file to Wesabe, browse to the created account and choose a month to export, and then export in your desired format. Along the way, Wesabe will automatically clean up your merchant names, add tags if you’ve set them, and make the file format much more consistent.

Hope you like these! You can find the export options at the bottom of any account page.

7 Responses to “New feature: Export Excel, QIF, OFX, OFX2, CSV, or XML from any account page”

  1. Chris Roos Says:

    Hey – excellent work. It took me quite a while to realise that the export drop-down was at the bottom of the page though…

  2. Dan Sickles Says:

    This rox. I begged my bank (and the IT architect friend who worked there) for this years ago. This and virtual accounts would rock like Elvis.

  3. Carpone Says:

    This feature is one reason (of several) why I just signed up for Wesabe!

  4. chris Says:

    Can I _upload_ in Excel as well as download?
    My two online banks only let me download in excel format – so I could use the firefox updater if excel were uploadable.

  5. SANJ Says:

    the export feature is very helpful as I look to do my books.

    is there a way to change the date range for the import? it would be much easier if I could download an entire year’s data then 1 screen at a time.



  6. twointotal Says:

    Same here, most online banks in Germany only let you download CSV or PDFs, so I cannot leverage Wesabe yet. At least I have not found out how I can upload CSV yet.

  7. Fastone Says:


    Why is is it that Wesabe got my Norwegian bank listen, but not supporting the CSV-file format. This is the only choice I have for downloading account details.

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