"Super Ninja Privacy Techniques" in (IN)SECURE Magazine


InsecureBrad and I wrote up our “Super Ninja Privacy Techniques for Web App Developers” talk as an article for this month’s (IN)SECURE Magazine, a well-known security publication.

We decided from the outset that, as a startup without the name recognition of a Google or Yahoo, and simply as people interested in providing privacy and security to our users, that we should come up with as many approaches as possible that would help us protect Wesabe users’ privacy.

Many of these techniques are generally applicable. While there is a fair amount of information online for individuals who want to protect their own privacy, we found little for web application developers interested in protecting their users’ privacy; so, we want to document what we’ve learned in hope of making these techniques more common, and developing better critiques and improvements of the approaches we’ve taken so far.

You can download the PDF magazine here. For those of you who missed the talk at ETech or Web 2.0 Expo, check it out.

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  1. Fire Eagle: Interesting Choices - Laughing Meme Says:

    […] Ninja privacy is built in. But you don’t have to care. The TOS requires developers to discuss how the data is used. And privacy levels are front and center. And from day one data is delete-able, and in fact data is flushed on a regular basis. […]

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