New features: full international currency support, and automatic currency conversion


SpendingLast night, we launched a major revision to the way we handle international currencies. When we first launched, we listed all transactions with a ‘$’, no matter what currency they were really (how very American of us!). Pretty soon after launch, we added a way for you to set the currency for any one account (go to the account page, click “Edit” next to the account name, and you’ll see a currency setting). That helped, but still, the spending/earning summary, tag, and merchant data were all shown as U.S. dollars, and all of our aggregate data reports showed dollars, too.

Brad has been working hard on solving these problems, and we now have a great set of international currency features. Here’s what’s new:

  • If you identify your country when you first register, we’ll set the appropriate default currency for that country, and all of your accounts will default to that currency unless the uploaded file has a different currency type, or you set the currency yourself (as described above). (If you’re already a member, your currency default should now be set if you identified your country when you registered.)
  • You can change your default currency at any time by editing your profile. Log in, click on your username at the top of any page (near the “Upload” link, under the photos), and you’ll see the default currency setting.
  • As you browse the site, all of the site features will be shown in your default currency, including all aggregate data reports, your spending and earning summaries, and your tag and merchant pages.
  • If you upload accounts in more than one currency, when you look at your spending or earning summary or a tag or merchant page, we’ll automatically convert your transaction amounts to your default currency for those pages (using the published conversion rates for your currencies on the day of each transaction). For instance, if you have one account in Euros and one in pounds sterling, and your default currency is Euros, you’ll see your reports including all of the pounds sterling transactions, converted to Euros as of the date of the transaction. (Neat!)

We’re running around the site killing off dollar signs for our international users as we speak — if we’ve missed any, let us know and we’ll fix it. Thanks to everyone who held up under our blatantly isolationist formatting while we got this fixed. And thanks to Brad for making this work so well and so completely automatically. Brilliant.

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  1. Tanc Says:

    Yet again an awesome update. Everything works perfectly with my two accounts in different currencies. Thank you for making Wesabe better all the time.

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