Wheaties bookmarks for April 22nd


Good reading for April 22nd:

  • 13 indicted in $3M credit card fraud – Yahoo! News – When talking about security on the Internet, a common argument is, “You give your credit card number to waiters all the time.” Here’s a case of $3 million in fraudulent charges stemming from staff fraud at 40 restaurants. Watch your bank statements!

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  1. Patrick Daly Says:

    In response to your comment on my blog: that is exactly what I’m looking forward to. Your fear of losing people to complexity may be able to be solved by a feature that Money uses – I think its called Enhanced and Basic. When people use Wesabe they could choose between the simple version and the one with all the features. This way people know what they’re getting into.

    Even if that wasn’t offered though, I still think for Wesabe to become a service I depend on it needs more. Right now it seems that the offerings are good and useful but aren’t necessary. Certainly with your platform you could have some necessary features – things I couldn’t do without (i.e. everything Money and Quicken do…but better of course).

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