Wheaties bookmarks for March 8th through March 15th


Good reading for March 8th through March 15th:

3 Responses to “Wheaties bookmarks for March 8th through March 15th”

  1. Glen Barnes Says:

    Not much use for you American residents but Air New Zealand has the easiest to redeem points. Instead of points you earn dollars and these can be used on any flight and any seat.

  2. Ron Shevlin Says:

    Regarding your comment that you’re bummed that Southwest and JetBlue weren’t included in Consumerist’s list… if you put away $25 for each one-way trip you flew on SW or JB (which is a fraction of what you saved by flying either of those airlines), you’d have enough money for a trip in no time. You have to ask yourself: Is it REALLY worth all the extra hassle to fly USAir or Northwest every week or every month, just to earn the hassle of flying with them AGAIN, but for free?

  3. Marc Hedlund Says:

    Ron, I agree. I think the value of all of these programs is pretty much notional, anyways. They essentially serve to track your usage of an airline and to allow the airline to give you spiffs if and when they want to. I’m mostly fine with that, as long as I keep my expectation that these are occasional and mostly random perks, not money in the bank.

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