Export your data for TurboTax or TaxCut


It’s getting towards tax time (here in the U.S.). Great news, huh? Not so much.

Getting organized for tax time can be a huge pain, so we’ve done what we can to make it easier. If you use an accountant, you can already export your Wesabe data in Excel format (using our CSV export under “Manage your Account”). Every accountant I’ve met supports Excel import. 🙂 But what if you use a tax preparation program, like Intuit’s TurboTax or H & R Block’s TaxCut?

Both of those programs support an import format called TXF, or Tax Exchange Format. We’ve added a TXF export tool to Wesabe, so that you can export your tax-related tags into either program (or any other tax program that supports TXF). We’ve done this by allowing you to assign each tag you want to export to the IRS Form and Schedule where you want it to appear. In either program, you’ll be prompted to import your data as you go through the interview process. You can find the tax export feature by going to the Accounts tab and clicking on “Tax Export” in the left-hand column.

Please let us know how this works for you — after launching it, we came up with a bunch of ideas for improving it in tax years to come, but we want to hear from you. Each year, we’ll make taxes as easy as possible — and if we could get rid of them altogether for you, we’d do that, too.

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  1. IRS Tax Lawyers Says:

    Just a thought on tax organization…

    My wife and I own a small, plastic file folder/organizer (accordian style). It’s cheap (like $8). It’s ogranzied by month.

    It’s a bit old fashioned. But it works.

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