Things you might not realize Wesabe can do for you


I’ve had a number of people tell me they’re not interested in using Wesabe, but do I know of a tool that….? And I say, yes, Wesabe does that. They think of Wesabe as the web site we provide, when we think of Wesabe as anything we do to help people take control of their money. Seems like it would be worth getting a few of these capabilities into the Brain of Google here on a Sunday night.

  1. You can use Wesabe to convert QIF, OFC, OFX, or QFX (all of which are data formats which your bank or credit card might provide for download) to XML, CSV, or Excel format. First, import your data into Wesabe, then click on your username at the top of any page, then click “Manage your Account.” You’ll see links to download your data in the format you want. (As I’ve said before, we’re going to keep expanding this part of Wesabe until we import and export every format we can.)
  2. You can use Wesabe to convert your bank’s MC/NOT VRY HELPFL 0028472-39 (er, “not very helpful”) names for your expenses to names you can clearly read and use. Some people prefer to track their expenses in Excel or Google Spreadsheet, rather than in a personal finance tool or site. By cleaning the data with Wesabe’s community editing — where any user who edits a merchant name helps every Wesabe user who shops at the same merchant — you can remove a lot of the work you’d have to do cleaning that data by hand in a spreadsheet. (The steps for doing this are the same as converting file formats in #1 above.)
  3. You can use Wesabe to find out how much you can expect to spend at a business. For instance, if you want to try out a new auto shop, you can look up the average amount Wesabe users spend at that shop, and compare it to the average price at other auto shops in your area. You can even use this to build a budget, when you’re estimating new expenses. You can find a Wesabe report on a business by typing the business name into the search box at the top of any page, and hitting the search “Wesabe” button. Note that you don’t need to upload your own data in order to use our search engine. (This capability just got a lot better, since Coda spent several weeks improving our search engine recently.)

We love it when you use the Wesabe site. But we think we’ll do much better giving you whatever tools you need to manage and control your money than we would by trying to lock you into any particular program, interface, approach, or philosophy. Feel free to let us know what more we can do — even if all you want is a way to clean up your data or research businesses or tips. Come on in; we want to help.

3 Responses to “Things you might not realize Wesabe can do for you”

  1. GraemeF Says:

    There are a couple of features that means I still have to rely on my trusty Google Spreadsheet…

    1. I can’t enter transactions into Wesabe before they appear on my statement, so you can’t use it for tracking stuff that hasn’t cleared yet or for planning (how much will I have saved by Christmas?).

    2. My wife and I can’t share the same accounts without sharing the same Wesabe login.

    3. Can’t use it to track finances that aren’t available online, whether that’s because the bank doesn’t support it or because it’s not a “real” account (e.g. tracking a loan to a family member).

    Having said that, I don’t think Wesabe is too far away from being able to replace a spreadsheet, it just depends on the direction it’s heading. Which is…?

  2. Marc Hedlund Says:

    Hi, Graeme,

    We’re definitely adding all three of the features you need. #1 and #3 are both in progress right now. For #2, this will in all likelihood be a Pro feature, and I definitely agree that it’s an excellent addition.

    Thanks for the feedback! You shouldn’t have to wait long until all of these requests are fulfilled.

  3. GraemeF Says:

    Great news 😀

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