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One of the most common requests we get at Wesabe is for something called ‘splits’, which allows you to allocate parts of an expense to several categories. For instance, if you got to the grocery store and charge $120.00, of which $40.00 was cash-back, you might want to have that $40.00 show up as ‘cash’ and $80.00 show up as ‘groceries’. We’ve had a splits feature since launch, but since it’s a feature for more meticulous organizers (like me!), we don’t have an explicit user interface for it — instead, it’s a feature of our tagging system. (See this post for more detail.)

To make splits easier to understand, Debbie has put together another of her excellent screencasts on the topic. Check it out!

3 Responses to “New screencast: Using tag splits”

  1. Anthony Says:

    Great vid–one thing though, in the example of going to the restaurant and splitting the bill with your buddy, when we put half the bill as “cash” as a single use tag, isn’t it part of the “negative cash” calculation? In other words, if I pay the full bill on my card but my buddy reimburses me, it should be like I got “paid”, I’m not sure if the video reflects that or reflects a “loss” of half the cash.

  2. Debbie Says:

    Hey, Anthony.

    I’m glad you raised the question about the restaurant example. Think of it this way – it’s just like you went to the grocery store and got cash back, or even like you went to the ATM and want to break out your spending. Since I paid the full amount on my credit card, I’ve already taken out the money from the bank (in this case, my credit card). If the total was $60, I want half to show up on my restaurant tag (having the full amount show up there would skew my restaurant spending upwards, since I only spent $30 on food), and half as cash. I didn’t get “paid” since that total amount already came out of the bank; I’m just accounting for where the $60 went.

    This also highlights the danger of being the one that pays with a credit card at a restaurant and then gets cash from other folks at the table… really, that cash should go right to your credit card bill, but instead, you walk away with a meal and a wallet full of cash and feel like you came out ahead (right up until the point when your credit card bill arrives).

  3. Anthony Says:

    Ah, yup. Overlooked the cash in the pocket. Now that’s where the money went last week… 🙂

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