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Pretty much every day of the week, we get email from people telling us how much they love Wesabe. I’ve talked before about why I like being an entrepreneur and what I get out of it, but it’s indescribable how happy it makes us to read these emails. Over the past week or two, I’ve saved up a bunch of great comments from people who are using Wesabe. Here is a a selection of some of the best in just that short time:

“I just created a Wesabe account and I love it.”

“I’m in the process of switching from MS Money to wesabe and I really like the fact that wesabe reduces the amount of time I have to spend on tracking my finances.”

“I’ve loving the hell out of Wesabe; it’s a tool I’ve wanted for literally years!”

“First let me say that as veteran of financial software usage to manage my personal finance, I was looking for years for such service, hence I was thrilled to discover wesabe.”

“Great stuff folks! Really love the community and tips aspects of your site. Keep up the fantastic work!”

“I really like the way Wesabe is going and I would trust you guys with all my financial information (your website makes everything very clear about security and that it is ‘my data’) and I’m sick of Microsoft Money and Quicken so if these features are adding it extremely likely I will become a devoted Wesabe user. Thanks!”

“Impressive product. And I’m not that easily impressed ;)”

“In the age of the ridiculously-long-signature that reads like an addendum to a legal document, or communication that starts with ‘do not respond to this mail’, it adds to the good feeling Wesabe gives me to be able to respond, it’s like I’m communicating with humans. Thanks for all this.”

“I totally love this product! Absolutely brilliant.”

“I’ve recently stopped slogging through the checkbook balancing drill in favor of using Wesabe to review and track expenditures. Huzzah for less manual work!”

“I have recently signed up for your program, and really love the way it’s all laid out.”

“I found wesabe through lifehacker and have started uploading some of my accounts. I’ve found it very interesting and useful.. so congrats!”

“I love Wesabe and recommend to everyone I know trying to learn to live under a budget.”

“First of all thanks for the extremely quick and in-depth reply, it’s great customer service and I’m impressed by getting support from *the developers* directly. Clearly this is something totally new to me when it comes the banking sector!”

Do you get that kind of feedback every day at your job? If not, and if you’re an amazing web application engineer or a graphic/UI designer, you should drop me a line (my first name at our domain) and join us. We’re hiring — we have many more great things to do at Wesabe than we have hands to do them. (Bay Area gourmands will get preference, since a lot of work gets done over yummy lunches.)

There are many fantastic and satisfying jobs in the world, but helping people with the number one stress in their life has to be among the best. To the people who have written us, thank you, both for trying Wesabe and for taking the time to write. We’re doing everything we can to make the site great for you.

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  1. Marc Hedlund Says:

    A few people noticed that clicking on the comments link was redirecting to FeedBurner. Apologies for that — we’ve fixed it.

    And, if you are not among the people who are happy with our support, let me know! You can write me at We try to get back to everyone in a day or two, but sometimes it takes longer and sometimes a message gets filtered or otherwise missed. If you haven’t gotten a response, feel free to write to me directly.

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