Hot new features: Search your accounts, Notes, European QIF, and more…


We’ve just launched a bunch of great new stuff on Wesabe. There’s something for everybody.

Search bar

After uploading your accounts, you’ve always been able to see a graph of your spending by week, and a list of transactions, for any merchant or tag you use. This is great for seeing how much you spend at Amazon, say, or for seeing all the spending you’ve tagged ‘restaurant’. But what if you want to explore your spending more, and see the patterns that don’t show up just browsing by tag or merchant?

To help with that, we’ve taken the existing search box — which used to just search public Tips and Goals on Wesabe — and added a new “Search My Accounts” option (which is now the default search). Type your search term in the box at the top and hit ‘Accounts’ to search your personal data for that term. (Hitting ‘Wesabe’ instead will search the public information on the site.) This is great for digging into your spending history — for instance, you can search for all of your transactions that are tagged ‘restaurant’ but not ‘workexpense’ (use a ‘-‘ to remove a word, like this: ‘restaurant -workexpense’). As another example, you can find all of your transactions at a merchant that are not tagged with a tag, which can help you make sure your tags are consistent.

Search Accounts resultsThe search results look just like a page you would get for something you’d tagged — you get the same graph of spending per week on the search term, and the same list of transactions. If you find some area of your finances you want to understand better, this gives you the same view as if you’d been planning for it all along. (Great work, Coda, putting this together!)

Next, we added one of the most common and long-standing requests we’ve gotten: a notes field for each transaction. You can get to it by clicking the “Advanced” link in any transaction edit form. Notes are great for things that you don’t need to track as a tag — everything from a confirmation or tracking number, to something you want to remember about the night out, to notes about what you bought. Tags are great for things that happen more than once, but without a notes field, your tag list can get cluttered with reminders that you only need to use once.


Brad added notes (he originally argued for them many months ago, and I pushed him off — my mistake), and also added a way to see the note by holding your mouse over the note icon in the transaction list. Great stuff.

I’ve been working hard on our QIF import tools, and I’ve added support for European date formats, as well as Euro and other currency formats, in QIF uploads. (QIF is a very poorly-specified format, so I can’t promise that this will work in all cases, but we track every time a QIF import fails, and I’m working my way through all of those.) Those of you in the UK who have been wondering why your transactions went from December 1st to January 13th all of the sudden can rest easy. 🙂 I also did a bunch of work on CSV import, which is a very frequent request, as well as OFC import, and expect to have the first version of both done soon.

Finally, we’ve been automating more banks, and have gotten some very happy emails from Bank of America (California) users on that front, among others. Jay is working his way through the list, and we have a special surprise coming up soon, which will make automatic importing a lot easier for everyone.

Oh yeah — one more thing…. We’ve started adding specific page titles to every page. Now that’s HIGH TECH. (Well, it also makes bookmarks and history browsing a little easier.)

Thanks again to everyone who has written in with feature requests and suggestions. Many of the best ideas we’ve used have come from you, and we work the hardest on those things we hear from you the most. Keep them coming, and thanks for using Wesabe.

2 Responses to “Hot new features: Search your accounts, Notes, European QIF, and more…”

  1. Steve Ivy Says:

    Hi Marc,

    I just started using Wesabe again recently, and was annoyed in the reporting that when tagging transactions, the transactions show up in multiple tags in the bar charts. I could not think of a good solution, but for now, being able to search and filter (food -eatout, for example) is a good start.

    Perhaps there could be a way to see a chart of transactions with each transaction listed only under it’s first tag perhaps, with something like a list of “transactions in ‘food’ were also tagged with _eatout_, _groceries_, and _carlsjr_”.

    Nevertheless, Wesabe is a *great* resource and I look forward to more and more killer features!



  2. evbart Says:

    This is a cool new feature. Starting to head in the right direction. Wesabe is a bit step, but the analysis tools are a long ways off. Its great to be able to pull from my bank account, and the intelligent tagging is much appreciated, but if it doesn’t tell me anything about my spending, its not going to help much.

    Aka, things like the spending and earning summaries, should at least total up what you spent and earned that month. This shouldnt be based on tags and categories. Imagine how confused your everday user is going to be when they see their spendings are way over estimated.

    Keep up the good work, and help us analyze our spending!

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