Could it happen in America?


In England a Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) customer sends debt collectors to force bank to repay unlawfully collected fees (Story).  So there are a few elements of this that are interesting: 1) fees = an adversarial relationship between bank and customers, 2) at some point consumers (voters) will reach a boiling point, and 3) my bet is that in the search for profits banks will push to that boiling point.

The real question is when consumers stop feeling guilty for what is often an administrative error and start getting angry at being exploited.  Ramit Sethi has a post on the topic that is illustrative of common sense – read the first comment in response to Ramit’s ideas.

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  1. Dave So Says:

    The Royal Bank of Scotland had losses of 24Billion UK pounds and Fred Goodwin still gets 650k pension every year. That is just unbelievable! They should strip him of his pension.

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