I first read about Genarlow Wilson on Mark Cuban’s blog.  If you haven’t heard of Genarlow, he is a 20-year-old former honor student who is two years into a 10-year prison sentence in Georgia for a consensual sex act with another teen.   You can read the specifics here NY Times & ESPN, but suffice it to say, this is clearly a miscarriage of justice.

I signed the petition and thought of the Tito Puente song “El Pico” better known as “Never go back to Georgia.”   A couple of days later, Jason Calacanis mentioned the story in his blog and encouraged other bloggers to speak up – which I thought was a damn good idea.  I’d like to encourage anyone else with a blog who reads this (and feels inclined) to do the same thing.

When I was a kid we used to play dogpile, where we would all jump on top of some poor kid at the bottom – good times.  I like it when bloggers all blogpile on corrupt, unjust and unacceptable behavior.  Shining a light on people in power and making them accountable for their decisions embodies everything I love about being a part of the Internet community.

5 Responses to “Blogpile”

  1. WTF Says:

    Why is it a miscarriage of justice? Even though it WAS consensual sex it was illegal. He was offered a plea agreement. It was his decision NOT to accept it. Bad decision but still it was his. Now he’s paying for both bad decisions.

    I can’t feel sorry for someone who had the chance to turn things around but chose not to.

  2. Jason Knight Says:

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts, but I wish that you had left your name because I don’t think it is civil to address you as “WTF.”

    My understanding is that if he had taken the plea he would have to register as a child predator.

    In terms of bad decisions – the really bad decision was to punish this young man by sentencing him to 10 years in prison.

    And again, I do thank you for sharing your thoughts – this blog will be a better place if people feel free to disagree.

  3. WTF Says:

    Ok, so he didn’t want to have to register as a S.O. who would? But after serving his time, once he gets out, he will still have to register.

    It would have been a smarter decision to take the plea, THEN after, try to get legislation to have crimes such as his excluded from S.O. registries. His is not the only case of this happening.

    While I can have sympathy for his situation, it’s not like he wasn’t offered a chance at freedom. I’m saving most of my sympathy and outrage for people who are serving long prison terms for crimes they did NOT commit at all.

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