New features: bulk tag editing and CSV export (woo-hoo!)


One of the earliest and now one of the most frequent requests we get at Wesabe is for more ways to work with your tags. Once you start to get into tagging, you realize that there are lots of ways to make use of them for managing your money — but sometimes you might wish you could go back in time and make all of your transactions use whatever system you’ve developed.

bulk editNow, you can. Brad added a “bulk edit” form for operating on all of your tags at once. You can edit a tag to replace it with one or more other tags, or you can delete a tag. One great way to use this is to clean up any slight variations you have in your tags — I was using both ‘restaurant’ and ‘restaurants’ for a while, so this lets me choose one of those and replace the other with it.

You can get to tag editing by clicking the “Accounts” tab, and then the “[Edit]” link next to “Your Tags” in the right column.

Also, Coda added a CSV export tool (in addition to the XML export we already had). Click on your username at the top-right, and then “Manage your Account,” and you’ll see a link to export your data as CSV. Since Microsoft Excel (among many other applications) reads CSV files and makes spreadsheets out of them, this is a good way to be able to use your data (for instance, to give it to your accountant for tax purposes) after tagging it.

(We are, by the way, also working hard on CSV import, since many banks, especially outside the U.S., only provide data in CSV form. We’ll get that launched as soon as we can.)

We’re happy these are both on the site, as they were both very frequent requests. One of my favorite things is seeing support requests for a feature or a bug go way down all of the sudden — then we know we’ve really solved it. Keep letting us know what you need from Wesabe, and we’ll keep doing it!

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  1. matt Says:

    Any ETA on the csv? is it like 2 weeks or 3 months? Just curious as I’ve never worked on that side of the fin svcs bit. It’s obviously more difficult than OFX and QFX as it’s a little more free form. Once that’s up and running, I’ll probably actually move over to wesabe (for the record, I’ve used quicken, ibank, and a variety of others…ibank is probably the best so far).

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